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  1. Wished I had posted this sooner, but instead of film-themed wine, how about film-themed HAM with a smokey bourbon-based glaze? And it's cheap too! And your relatives will love it, although that may be the bourbon. (add additional to their taste) 1 inexpensive sale supermarket shank or butt fully cooked ham (ready to cook full ham would be be better, but they're not as easy to find) These are on sale RIGHT NOW. Glaze the ham with this Mustard & Whiskey Glaze, modified from a recipe from the Virtual Weber Bullet site: 3 1/2 tablespoons JST Brown bourbon-- (“Preacher! Go on do
  2. The Chase is my all-time sleeper fave, bar none, mainly for what was added by film script to the building blocks provided the source novel, Black Path of Fear. The film's expressionistic lighting in the Havana scenes is a plus too. Most films based on Woolrich stories used the novels as a starting point, and they're hardly ever filmed as-is, or (like most novels) simplified. Woolrich stories have mood in spades and basic plots that lend themselves toward storyboards. The writing is rather turgid and lacks the wit and sarcasm of Chandler's snappy dialogue. It's not Cain or Hammett or Ross
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