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  1. Many years ago a wonderful person by the name of Jerry Lewis started an organization called the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation. He has worked long and hard to continue the fight against this horrendous disease that can strike anyone of us or a loved one at any time. I have just learned that he has never been presented with the Presidential Medal of Freedom and what's more there has to be a petition signed by just 500 people to nominate him, and while it should already be at 500 it still is lacking by about 136 signatures. How many times do we see awards going to the deceased families? Many of u
  2. I would love to see College Swing, The Gracie Allen Murder Mystery, Damsel in Distress or any of the other Burns & Allen movies. I would also love to know what happened to the shorts that they did when they first started out. Does anyone know if TCM owns any of them or how I can find out if anyone has them at all?
  3. Of course my favorite line of all time is: George Burns: "Say Goodnight Gracie". Gracie Allen: "Goodnight". But I also love the closing monologue from Spencer Tracy in Guess Who's Coming to Dinner: Spencer Tracy: Now Mr. Prentice, clearly a most reasonable man, says he has no wish to offend me but wants to know if I'm some kind of a *nut*. And Mrs. Prentice says that like her husband I'm a burned-out old shell of a man who cannot even remember what it's like to love a woman the way her son loves my daughter. And strange as it seems, that's the first statement made to me all d
  4. I would love to see Doris Day interviewed. I've loved her since I was little and although I know she is a very private person I would hope she would want to share the experiences she had with all the fabulous actors and actresses she's worked with over the years like the recently deceased Tony Randall as well as the wonderful Gordon MacRae and of course Rock Hudson, James Garner, David Niven, James Stewart, Jack Carson etc....
  5. My favorites are of course George Burns and Gracie Allen- as far as comedian stars...they were amazing and are not recognized enough! As far as dramatic- my favorites are Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn...together or apart they were truly the best!!!
  6. I'm also new to this but I thought I might suggest another movie that your description may fit and that is her last film. It's called With Six You Get Eggroll. She plays a widow who has 3 sons and she gets married to a widower, played by Brian Keith who has a daughter. It's set in the country and although I've never been able to see this film I did see Please Don't Eat The Daisies and I don't remember a scene like the one you described. Hope this helps!
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