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  1. I am in High Point and we don't have a group here in the Triad. I can't be the only one. Anyone interested in getting a new group off the ground with me? Contact me here via PM. Let's make it happen! Sam
  2. I think the restrictions forced them to work harder. If someone today were told that they needed to make a movie that carried suspense and drama, I doubt seriously that they could do it and still earn a "G" rating. I suppose they could, but it would be a great deal more difficult. I'm sure today's writers and directors are equally talented, but the cuffs are off, so they have a lot more freedom.
  3. I watched this again the other night. I guess I have seen it a dozen times or so over the years. This is one of those films that reminds me of how restricted the writers were in the past and how they worked so hard. This movie is 81 years old. There are no special effects, no cursing, no sex, nothing. Yet, it completely works, and it works today. Of course, having one of the best casts in movie history doesn't hurt...
  4. My wife and I went to a used book store a few nights ago and I was looking through the DVD bargain bins just to see if there were any old movies. I found a few for $2 each, including "Impact". While I am very much into older films, my wife is not. Last month I dragged her to the cinema showing of The Maltese Falcon. She is 42 and I am 50, and we were the youngest people in the theater. She didn't particularly enjoy the film. So, when I suggested "Impact", I was not met with a lot of enthusiasm. But, I threw it into the DVD player and we watched. Of course, the movie is full of plot twists, but the other thing I noticed is the amazing scenery. Much of it was filmed in San Francisco, and you can really see some beautiful shots. I thought Brian Donlevy was very believable. I agree that Helen Walker was an excellent femme fatale. From what I've read, she was involved in a controversial car accident in which some servicemen were killed, so her roles afterwards went from leading roles to film noir types. I'm not sure how much of that is true, but her career definitely headed in that direction. Anyway, "Impact" kept my wife's attention and she said that it was so much better than The Maltese Falcon. I don't know about that, but for $2 I have to say that it was well worth it.
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