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  1. The YouTube closed captions are so inaccurate that they are very funny. Example: Tal Shan (Keye Luke) was "cowshed" once. Thanks again.
  2. Thank you! Why in the world did TCM put it on hiatus? Anyway, thanks again.
  3. Xfinity TCM On Demand showed 10 of the 12 episodes of "Lost City of the Jungle" then stopped. Inquiries failed to gain info. It's corny, but I enjoyed the program. Russell Hayden in a tropical white suit, Lionel Atwill's last role, Keye Luke rescuer of our hero. Is there any chance of seeing episodes #11 and #12? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0038703/?ref_=nv_sr_1?ref_=nv_sr_1
  4. TCM On Demand has just twelve movies today. Something's not working right. Please look into this.
  5. Just posted that on the "Contact Us" webpage. Can't hurt to let them know.
  6. A few weeks back, there were 100+ movies in the TCM On Demand TV hopper. Now the total is down to just 22. Did someone go on vacation and forget to hand off the task? Please give us more movies!
  7. "The Sorcerers" froze at least a dozen times while I tried to watch it on-line. Logged out, came back, no better. I've watched several other movies in the past few days with no freezing.
  8. I had this problem and found out that I could look up TCM On Demand movies on-line and see what's playing, then watch on TV. The X1 TV listings are back, but who knows for how long.
  9. Well. now some movie times are shown to On Demand TV viewers as "1 minute." That's nonsense, of course, Unfortunately, if I stop the movie, intending to get back to it later in the day, the elapsed time has disappeared and I must begin at the beginning.
  10. For awhile I've noticed that the length displayed on my TV screen with TCM On Demand movies (Comcast/Xfinity) is longer than the actual movie. Example: "Across the Pacific" on IMDb is shown as lasting 1 hour and 37 minutes; the actual time elapsed was 1 hour 38 minutes. Yet the guide display says 2 hours and 1 minute. What's the unused time about?
  11. I've asked Comcast to investigate this problem on TCM On Demand. It's very irritating.
  12. Comcast TCM On Demand has only one film listed: "The Fallen Sparrow." Is there a problem again with the vendor that uploads films?
  13. Is it happening again? There are only four TCM On Demand movies on Xfinity/Comcast this morning.
  14. One movie has made it to TCM On Demand: "Treasure Island" from 1934. Hope more join it soon.
  15. From Xfinity/Comcast's forum: Posted by‎0 4-12-2016 01:01 PM ComcastTeds : "Just to provide another update. Turner/TCM and their vendor discovered another issue preventing their content to be sent to us. It is affecting all cable operators and is a high priority on the TCM side to resolve. All teams are actively working to resolve and hope to deliver as soon as they can."
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