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  1. "Obliging Young Lady" Heinie Manush was the clacking noise. He was a HOF baseball player. Good movie!
  2. Red like a lot of comedians tried too hard to be funny. Jonathan Winters and Tim Conway on the other hand were just naturally funny. Just my take anyway.
  3. Red Skelton in "Having Wonderful Time". Pat O'Brien in most of the movies he made.
  4. Which in most cases means removing a jewel and replacing it with a fake. Sad !
  5. I really like that movie too. And I am a Yankee fan. LOL. I honestly think that is has been about 50 years since I have seen it. I do not recall what Studio produced it ? Evidently TCM does not have the rights to it. Thanks for reawakening the memory.
  6. From "Merrily We Live". "These are my dogs, this is 'Get Off The Rug', this is 'You Too' "
  7. I am not an expert like many of you. I would take The music in "A Summer Place" especially the theme. I know it out sold everything else so evidently I am not alone....
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