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  1. The new discs are here. You know that feeling you get when you complete a jigsaw puzzle? Yes, sort of. That is, unless, they missed some of the Traveltalks in this last volume. Still checking. List below. A couple notes: I was curious if "People of Russia" from 1942 would be included. That's a negative. Although a black-and-white retread, I was curious if they would include it just because it's from this same era. Speaking of that one, I bet elderly Jimmy wish he could've taken back giving a shout out to Stalin, with an emphasis on his last name like a boxing ring announcer. But it was the
  2. So I got great news, and I got terrible news. The great news is that DVD Volume 3 is now on the WB site. And it includes 66 shorts, not 60. I counted up the totals and knew that another 60 would be just shy of the MGM color grand total. But 66 might get them all. The terrible news is that it has a ship date of 11/15/2020. Uhhhhhhh... Four years from now?!?!? WB: c'mon, man. This has to be a typo, yeah? Let's change that to 2016 and get the discs a'burnin'. TAKE MY MONEY. TAKE IT.
  3. Kill duh waa-bit. KILL DUH WAAA-BITTT!!! KILL DUH WAAAAA-BITTTTT!!!!!
  4. Appreciate it, TopBilled. Great to be here -- it's one of my favorite topics. Yeah, Jlewis, I got faked out. Which ordinarily doesn't bother me, but getting faked out by 13 years (1938 vs. 1951) sort of does. So it goes, and all lists are updated. Speaking of which... I had a look, and it appears that one more volume of 60 should just about complete the entire MGM collection of color shorts. Now if we could just get our hands on some VistaVision Visits...
  5. Zoinks -- for Argentina, I got 1938 from imdb.com. Weird: it has the date in parentheses after the title as 1938, but has the release date as 1 December 1951. That's a bit of a discrepancy. I threw in my VHS copy (yes, I still use a VCR), and it most definitely looks, and especially sounds like, a later one. So I guess that means we're totally covered for the 1930s on the DVDs. More good news.
  6. Got a theory on what happened with "Glimpses of Australia" -- There is only one pre-1940 short not included on either volume -- meaning one from the 1930s got left behind. It's the similarly-named "Glimpses of Argentina" from 1938. Since we have a double-use A for Argentina/Australia, I think that Argentina was just accidentally missed while Australia got grabbed twice -- once in Argentina's place.
  7. Man, Jlewis, outstanding work on that list. That's a great resource. Thanks very much for putting that together -- well done. Yes, I'm also seeing "Glimpses of Australia" two times. I'm going to hunt around for other discrepancies. There is one -- and I've forgotten the title -- that has always given me fits. It's a South American short (I think), and I've seen the date given in the 1930s AND the 1950s, if you can believe that. My guess (and this is only a guess) is that dates got jumbled when Jimmy re-recorded some of his shorts for a new thing on the scene in the 1950s called "the te
  8. Hey, hey, hey... I now see Vol. 2 on the WB shop website. It looks like pre-orders are open and they ship August 23. Assuming this will be the same amount of 60 shorts, this would easily put us past the halfway mark for Technicolor shorts.
  9. Another assignment for the group after seeing that "Glimpses of California" will air on June 1. I once read that some of FitzPatrick's footage was used in "The Godfather" since Coppola needed to find creative ways to stay in budget. "Glimpses of California," has what I believe could be that footage. It's been some years, but I think I saw "Glimpses" on YouTube and located the possible part: In the Traveltalk, it's the scene with Grauman's Theatre, screen bottom left. In "The Godfather," it's the scene where Tom Hagen (Robert Duvall) arrives in Los Angeles. Right after his plane touches d
  10. No problem, Cid and Mickey. Happy to do so. And will be equally happy to do another review for Vol. 2 (if there is a Vol. 2). Jlewis: too right on "Land of the Incas" -- I love that one. Around the 6:30 mark -- it gets me every time -- that shot of them traversing a rickety bridge with whitewater raging underneath is nearly harrowing. It's like something out of Indiana Jones. Seriously: think about lugging that Technicolor camera and all those crates over a bridge like that as those currents are speeding by. And then, in the final caravan shot, leading the way is Jimmy -- wearing a suit,
  11. The DVDs arrived today (two days earlier than expected!), so here we go with a just the facts, ma'am review. So as to the big question of how they are grouped: They are not in chronological order, and they are not grouped by geographical region. They are loosely grouped based on release date, but they jump around and skip over each other, etc. Sooooo... dunno? But for the most part: Disc 1 = 1934-1938 Disc 2 = 1938-1941 Disc 3 = 1941-1946 Full list below. Picture quality is decent. About what you'd expect. Some are super bright. Some look scratchy. Pretty much what you would see on your T
  12. Hi mickeyfender, I also can't locate the lineup for the 60 shorts. I too am very curious if they will be chronological or grouped by region. After seeing the streaming option you mentioned, I'm betting it will be by region. Oh well, won't matter so long as they release them all. Again, the very fact that they named this thing "Volume 1" gives me hope there will be a second, third, and fourth. But getting back to the first 60, I'm buying this on opening day, so I will be glad to post details here as soon as the cellophane comes off. One easy prediction: approximately 60 suns settin
  13. My bad mood for the uber last-minute slip-in of -- and subsequent missing of -- this morning's "Exotic Mexico" may have been pacified if the below item is for real. Has anyone heard about this upcoming DVD set? It has a WB Archive Collection logo on it, and right on the cover it has Technicolor, so these wouldn't be his pre-color films of 1930-34 (which were released on VHS (Kino?), and (I think) would be in the public domain anyway). Anyway, this set contains 60 shorts in Technicolor and has "Volume 1" on the cover (giving hope that there may be a 2, 3, etc.). Release date set for May
  14. Major interesting topic today that TCM may start a streaming service a la Netflix and Hulu. So could the TravelTalks be loaded onto this thing? There would be nothing stopping it, right? No licensing conflicts that exist with other streaming services. Would we be able to request this? Here's the link: http://www.engadget.com/2016/04/26/stop-trying-to-make-me-sign-up-for-more-subscription-services/
  15. Yes, he was. His first wife, Ruth Thomas FitzPatrick, even got five director's credits in 1934-35. Here is her TCM page link (new to this, but hoping the url will translate through): http://www.tcm.com/tcmdb/person/11220780%7C0/Ruth-Fitzpatrick/ Wow, five MGM-level director's credits for a lady in 1935. Not sure if that was a first, but certainly that must've been semi-groundbreaking. She divorced him in Reno in 1936 and immediately remarried a man named -- now get this -- Mowbray Stenhouse Berkeley, who was some sort of stock broker or whatever. I have NO CLUE what happened to her aft
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