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  1. I follow a page on Facebook devoted to Martha Raye. Occasionally, behind the scenes photos of NAVY BLUES get posted. From what I can see, Maggie (Martha's real name) had a good time making the movie. And as we know, she did a lot of USO tours-- so her involvement in this picture is rather prophetic. 

    I'll have to check out that FB page, thanks for the info. As for MR's USO tours, I was lucky enough to catch one of those in Viet-Nam. She had to be in her 60's by then but she was just as funny and warm as she always seemed to be. We had remembered her from her weekly show in the 50's,so even though she was not one of the Playboy Bunnies the guys really loved her.

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  2. It's one of my favorites too. The odd thing is that all those lovely people were cavorting around in that movie, which took place among the Navy in Hawaii in 1941! I think the movie opened a few months before Pearl Harbor.


    It has been on TCM -- I have it on my DVR. It was on a November 18, though my DVR doesn't say what year, and I don't remember when I taped it. So they can get it. When I was a kid, it used to be on Channel 9's Million Dollar Movie in New York City a lot, so I first grew to love the film as a very small boy.

      Yes, that's one of the reasons I find the movie interesting on a historical level. The movie was released just weeks before December 7th. There were many movies touting our military prior to our involvement in WW II but I believe Navy Blues was the last one released that close to the start of the war and took place in, of all places, Hawaii.

       I was going to ask you where you purchased the film until I realized you said DVR and not DVD. I believe it was offered years ago on VCR but I've never seen it as a DVD.

  3. Thanks TopBilled for your answer and the welcome. I check the TCM schedule almost everyday but haven't seen it listed yet. I'll just have to keep on looking and hoping that sooner or later I'll come up with my own copy of the film.

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  4. I've been trying to find a copy of this movie for years. If anyone can give me info on obtaining a copy I'd appreciate it. I don't know why TCM hasn't shown it. It's a great musical with a great cast.(Ann Sheridan and Martha Raye steal the show!) In my opinion, it's also a historical footnote as it came out in September of 1941. Many of the ships shown in scenes were either damaged or destroyed a few short weeks later.

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