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Tisher Price

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    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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    I have loved old movies since I was the age of 15 and I still do some 20 odd years later. My TV is always set on TCM by default. I love any movie from 1929-1969, and I especially like pre-code movies (1930-1934). Most of all I love the movies that contain my favourite actors:

    1. James Cagney
    2. James Mason
    3. Gregory Peck
    4. Edward G. Robinson
    5. Steve McQueen
    6. Sidney Poitier
    7. Paul Newman
    8. Tony Curtis
    9. James Dean
    10. James Stewart
    11. Montgomery Clift
    12. Gary Cooper
    13. John Garfield
    14. (Early) Lionel Barrymore
    15. Chester Morris


    1. Bette Davis
    2. Joan Crawford
    3. Barbara Stanwyck (sp?)
    4. Jean Harlow
    5. Clara Bow
    6. Greta Garbo
    7. Tallulah Bankhead
    8. Ingrid Bergman
    9. Joan Blondell
    10. Elizabeth Taylor
    11. Ava Gardner
    12. Marilyn Monroe
    13. Norma Shearer
    14. Marlene Dietrich
    15. Marie Dressler

    I'm a Writer, Actor who likes to play guitar/bass, dance, and watch TCM... cos it ROCKS. I always have my T.V. on TCM "by default."

    I am a HUGE Hammer Horror Films diehard fan. I think I might have every Hammer movie except Twins of Evil (1971)

    Maybe it's just me, but "today's" Hollywood seems lack lustre, void of true glamour and real honest to goodness talent that the Golden Era/old actors and movies definitely had. For instance, will there ever be anyone who measures up to the great ACTRESS Bette Davis or the debonair Gregory Peck? I LOVE to watch old movies (a passion we all share). I even like the silent ones.

    Very happy to be around others who love these vintage classics. TCM Forever!

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  1. I like them both. Tony has a nice voice, he's funny, and any man who would dress up in drag for a movie (same with Lemmon) is a real man in my book. Jack is very funny but he was so good in The Days of Wine and Roses (The scene when he's in the strait jacket, screaming--he was screaming and freaking out for real, they had to stop the scene to calm him down). During the filming of The Defiant Ones, it original is was starring Sidney Poitier and Robert Mitchum. When they wanted to give Sidney equal top billing with Mitchum, the latter quit. Enter Tony Curtis, who had no problem sharing top billi
  2. JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS (1963) Next: A fallen woman
  3. The Man Who Went Up A Hill and Came Down A Mountain (1995/6)
  4. Wynne Gibson was in Kick In with Clara Bow.
  5. Night of the Living Dead (1968) Pump Up the Volume (1990) The Runaways (2012) The Man Who Came To Dinner (1941)
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