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  1. Ohh wow, there has been a few coincidences now that I've noticed with TCM's scheduling. Thanks for confirming Lawrence.
  2. Are I Fidanzati and Il Posto airing this month in memory of Ermanno Olmi or were these 2 movies scheduled to air 2 months prior and are just pure coincidence on timing?
  3. I don't mean to rain on your parade but it runs for 31 days, through to March. It is easy to forget that lol When I asked earlier in the forum if the daytheme movies were nominees of the Oscar category that is highlighted during primetime, well I checked some of the movies and I think that is how it is scheduled. Daytheme is nominees and primetime is the winners of the category.
  4. So is the daytheme the nominees of the primetime category?
  5. Going by the pdf guide, it will be announced live on air on the day
  6. I think you are right! Thanks everyone for your inputs
  7. Hello, as the topic title states. I just want to know if anyone knows the score of the recently aired print of Battleship Potemkin on TCM during their 100th anniversary Red October highlight?
  8. The list is very varied, some I don't agree are that good let alone in the top 100 greatest. The BBC seem to have polled a lot of critics though. http://www.bbc.com/culture/story/20170821-the-100-greatest-comedies-of-all-time
  9. TCM have not been very adventurous with their choices from the list.
  10. Barton's little man is always right. No room for doubt.
  11. LOL I guess that makes sense. A group of people that haven't seen each other before gather in a house and they end up arguing and resenting each other's company as the day progresses. Seems perfect.
  12. Yes, I just meant one primetime slot rather than a feature through the month.
  13. Maybe lining up something for George Romero? It would be a nice tribute to him in the month of October.
  14. They don't repeat movies during Summer under the Stars.
  15. No guest programmer in July or did I miss it?
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