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  1. As I watched He Who Gets Slapped today, this post came to my mind when I saw good ‘ole Tully Marshall doing his weasel routine that he perfected in a many of a film dating back to D.W. Griffith. I also think Montagu Love is another great weasel.
  2. Gloria Swanson fan here, I too noticed multiple errors in the article. “Experts” are more prone to weigh in if the facts of the story are correct.
  3. I believe Hader was referencing the trailer for the film. There isn’t a part in the film where he does that.
  4. Thanks for that! About 15 years ago a fellow TCM message board user Gagman was nice enough to send me a copy of the whole documentary. I still can’t believe after all these years it’s still not out on DVD. Where’s Criterion at?
  5. Lol, I meant visually impaired, didn’t read the subject very well.
  6. Yeah, the makers of that movie were trying to preach to us how Griffith’s movie was so offensive so they decided to use his title and make their message movie. However, the hypocritical leading man/director/writer was found to be a known rapist who hasn’t worked since.
  7. I will never understand why TCM decided to ditch the announcer for the schedule that comes on after every movie. Do they have no regard for visually impaired people? I particularly use to love the voice of the male announcer in the early to mid 2000’s who had that real macho sound to his voice particularly when it came to the gangster movies.
  8. The Birth of a Nation (2016) is not a remake of The Birth of a Nation (1915). I kinda feel that is one title that should be off limits.
  9. Around the early 2000’s I banged out my “masterpiece” screenplay and was on cloud nine. I entered every screenplay contest that was available, including Coppola’s Zoetrope and registered my screenplay with the Writers Guild of America. I was going to conquer the world but I soon found out it wasn’t very easy. I spent probably a thousand dollars on stamps to mail an introductory letter about myself and my screenplay to every agency in Hollywood. I received back roughly a thousand dollars in stamped rejection notices. My hopes were dashed and as with everything in life I moved onto something else and had a family and never went back to pursuing my achievement. I admire anybody who creates something from nothing and for me just knowing that I created a 120 page screenplay is achievement enough. Good luck to all fellow creators out there.
  10. I have young kids and with the way their attention is, the only film on that list that will be watched is The Wizard Of Oz. My son won’t even watch till Dorothy enters Oz. I love the movies on the list but I don’t think you have a shot other than The Wizard Of Oz. Just my experience.
  11. How about shorts like Joe McDoakes, Crime Does Not Pay, Robert Benchley or Vitaphone Shorts all day/night long. Just keep them on loop mode.
  12. Let this sink in, George Clooney got an AFI Lifetime Achievement! George Clooney! In my opinion one of the worst, most undeserving “actors” ever to grace a screen. Clooney received the award before Julie Andrews and Donald Sutherland (who has yet to even be considered). So yes, Julie deserves the AFI award.
  13. Seriously? We are talking about some of the finest films ever made and not a day of Jerry Lewis films. I commend TCM for airing films like this and I am always dumbfounded how people can be so lazy to not want to read subtitles. I keep closed captioning on my t.v. all day and not because I am hard of hearing but because I want to read the dialogue that the writer painstakingly wrote for each scene of a film or show.
  14. I feel like I never hear about people utilizing TCM On Demand when the schedule is lackluster. I use the WatchTV app routinely as they have a number of great TCM movies to choose from on their On Demand feature and they add a bunch of films everyday. Try it sometime.
  15. As much as I detest Rob Reiner’s politics I feel he was the best host for The Essentials way back in the day. Reiner managed to present the films without putting a political or race baiting spin on them. Rob presented the films solo without a co-host to bounce ideals off of and I feel that this is what is needed for a successful host of The Essentials.
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