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  1. One of my favorite directors Jean-Pierre Melville cites Odds Against Tommorrow as the greatest crime film ever made. Melville watched it practically every night when he was making his classic crime films.
  2. One of the best things I ever bought was this little device called a Firestick for about $30 on Amazon. I hooked it up to my tv in 2 minutes and downloaded Pluto. I have no problem with it, I also have one SmartTv in my house that I downloaded it on and it works great. I spent about a year watching Robert Stack’s Unsolved Mysteries around the clock on Pluto. The app is a game changer in cutting the cord. I don’t even have cable, for TCM I use WatchTV that I pay $15 a month for.
  3. Sounds good, Yuengling is just fine. I love PlutoTV, I have it on my Firestick. It is completely free and the channels about 200 of them are great. Let me ask you a question: Do you like your Three’s Company, there’s a channel for that. Do you like Classic game shows, there’s a channel for that. Same with classic movies, classic tv, everything. A great alternative for me when TCM is showing North By Northwest for the 14,134th time or Summer Under The (Lackluster) Stars is on, cough, cough Diana Dors, cough cough Nina Foch.
  4. The article was very well written and than the writer decided to incorporate out of nowhere a few paragraphs about the show being a “queer” delight. Why can’t The NY Times just give factional articles without opinion thrown in? By the way, if you have PlutoTV (which is free) there is now a channel devoted 24/7 to Dark Shadows.
  5. My vote is The Thin Red Line by Terrence Malick. This filmmaker for me is the equivalent of watching paint dry, and I’m an Eric Rohmer fan.
  6. I also think if AFI were really bold they should honor Jean Paul Belmondo, Godard and/or Catherine Deneuve before time runs out. I understand it is the American Film Institute but prior honorees have been foreign born Hitchcock, Lean, Wilder, etc..
  7. I couldn’t agree more! My absolute favorite part of the week for 15 years has been Silent Sunday Night. It was always a great way to start off the week but now it should just be called Agenda Sunday Night. I don’t care for the host or her comments. It seems like Oscar Micheaux is shoved down my throat every month. Just my opinion, I don’t enjoy it as much anymore. Luckily, I have 15 years of intros and films on DVD that I’ve recorded pre-Stewart.
  8. George Clooney did not deserve it the time he received it. It also might be controversial but Sean Connery really didn’t deserve it either. I enjoyed him in The Untouchables but if you take James Bond out of the mix what else is there that he has done? The actor most deserving of the AFI award is Donald Sutherland. I cannot believe I live in a world that celebrates the acting accomplishments of George Clooney before those of Donald Sutherland.
  9. I really use to not care for Glenn Ford as I felt he was very monotone and phoned in a lot of performances. He always seemed like he was on the B Team of Movie Stars. I was also put off by the fact that he made life miserable for Frank Capra on A Pocketful Of Miracles. Capra actually retired due to that. But, most of all I was envious that he was married to the beautiful Eleanor Powell and pretty much made her retire from the screen. I’ve come around on Ford and quite enjoy some of his performances in films such as Blackboard Jungle, 3:10 To Yuma and a few others.
  10. You’ve made a solid point but it is going to be interpreted by many as, “Oh here we go again, another complaint about modern movies on the schedule”. I, too see this September schedule as another month wasted after coming off the dreadful Summer Under The Stars programming that we are subjected to each year. I will just use the next few months to catch up on Criterion’s that I bought during the annual Barnes and Noble sale.
  11. What about A Clockwork Orange & Nashville? You post a 1970’s Golden Age of Films post and neglect probably the two best movies of the 1970’s. The Hot Rock? Hester Street?
  12. I prefer the credits on older films that don’t list every single person from the Best Boy to the Caterer. If it’s an MGM film I always looks for Douglas Shearer and Cedric Gibbon’s names on the credits because it is believed they are listed on every MGM film (even the B movies that you know they didn’t work on). Just looking to see if MGM ever made a mistake.
  13. I’ve seen the film quite a few times but it wasn’t until tonight’s airing that I also noticed this man’s incredible performance. There are so many great actors who never got their big break and he appears to have followed suit. Incidentally, am I the only one who gets hungry watching TGOW? Craving bread, candy sticks, hamburger and some gruel.
  14. This movie can prominently be found in the big Walmart $5 bin in every Walmart in America. How about TCM air some Criterion Collection films that most people don’t have $40 to buy or subscribe to their channel.
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