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  1. Consider yourself lucky that you can still record. I had the same Toshiba and TCM or my cable company blocked me from recording anything. I had recorded films onto disc for about 10 years until one day it was just blocked.
  2. Pretty much all the Warren William movies! Why isn’t he as big as Gable?
  3. Scotty’s tales should be taken with a grain of salt as most of them are only half truths. An example of this is his claim that he provided hundreds of hookers to silent star Harold Lloyd over the years. What he fails to elaborate on is that Lloyd was an avid 3D photographer who photographed these women in 3D and never had a relationship with one of them. Lloyd’s granddaughter even commissioned a 3D book on the Harold’s photo subjects a few years back.
  4. A few years ago there was a movie called A Haunting In Connecticut 2 Ghosts Of Georgia. Obviously, producers failed geography class.
  5. Gish being one of my idols, I reached out to the Dean of this University and offered to purchase the memorabilia they have of the Gish sisters. The Dean informed me that although the name is being removed off the theater the entire contents of the theater devoted to the Gish sisters will remain on display. The trouble with journalism today is you only hear what they want you to hear.
  6. Anytime you let the misguided and often amateur opinions of a paying public dictate how your website runs there will always be a problem. Case in point, the very overrated film The Shawshank Redemption is the number one movie on IMDB. I wouldn’t put Shawshank in the top 250 movies let alone number one. How many of these people who voted for that have ever seen a foreign film, silent film or for that matter a black and white film?
  7. Spence, I don’t care what these people do in their private life as I am judging them by their work on screen. If this was the case I wouldn’t be one of the biggest William Haines and Ramon Novarro fans out there. My problem with Woody is he just isn’t funny in my opinion. He literally bring Catskills old Jewish Jackie Vernon humor to his motion pictures. At a time in the 60’s when Lenny Bruce was pushing the envelope of comedy Woody was perfecting his lame Jewish nerd comedy which quite frankly I never got until Jerry Seinfeld perfected it in the 80’s.
  8. I appreciated his commentary on DVD extras but if you wanted the absolute bare minimum commentary talk he was the guy for it. I always wanted Rudy to bring something fresh to his commentary especially for the Warner Brothers classics but he never did. I still memorialize him as being someone that made me actually want to listen to DVD commentary.
  9. Mongo was a great guy, I go back with him to when the TCM boards first started. I can still find my my original username on like page 1040 of the message board archive and cherish the great talk we all had back than about classic movies. Incidentally, does anybody from back in the day remember the user leobertucelli? He was a real character.
  10. Count me in as also not being a fan of the films she picks for essentials. I think we have a case of an individual who has the memories of seeing these films in a setting of say a liberal arts class and cherishing those memories of the class more than the films themselves. Let’s face it some of these films are real junk. Just my theory, considering her political views in her personal life.
  11. Souls For Sale (1923) with the great Eleanor Boardman.
  12. Objective Burma, I believe deals with 1943. Definitely one of WW2 best war movies.
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