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  1. I recently lost TCM on the pay app I was using AT&T WatchTV. I have been a viewer of TCM for over 20 years. I don’t want to pay for cable anymore or pay for any of the (pricey) services that carry TCM like SlingTV due to living on a budget. I cherished TCM and now that it’s gone I am quite sad. My point is this, you don’t really know how good you have it until it’s gone. I couldn’t care less that there were repeats because I knew I was still going to receive exceptional programming from TCM. Silent Sunday Nights being a great example of programming not offered anywhere else other th
  2. In determining my favorite Newman film I started looking at his filmography and noticed he doesn’t have as many 5 star films as I remembered him having. I mean, you look at Bogart, Gable, Lancaster and a few others and they have a ton of 5 star classics on their resume. I think I like Harper as his favorite film, followed by The Hustler/The Sting tied for second. None of those films however would make my top 50 list. Love Newman but his personality, good looks and charitable nature is what really made him.
  3. I totally forgot about him in Sayonara! He’s literally in the same makeup and dress as Hawaii Five O. Back in the day I had a DVD burner that I was recording TCM around the clock if and when TCM was going away. I was watching a DVD I burned from 2010 today and TCM was highly touting their new TCM boxed set of Sidney Toler as Charlie Chan. It was a terrible poor taste ad for a pretty embarrassing film series. I bet TCM would like to erase that from everyone’s subconscious. A lot has changed for the network since 2010.
  4. I have no desire to look back at all 13 pages of this post but I hope someone mentioned The Odd Couple. I also was partial to the theme of the Ken Howard show The White Shadow as it is my favorite show of all time.
  5. Great call on the Tracy/March pairing. I watch that film strictly for the interaction of those two. Spencer Tracy is the greatest American male actor, and March is second, everyone else is after those two. My buddy Spence would agree (haven’t read anything from him in a long time).
  6. By the late 60’s with the resurgence of classic films being (re)discovered by the baby boomer generation Capra was written off as a sappy syrupy director who didn’t speak to that generation. Orson Welles, Buster Keaton, John Ford among others were being worshipped while poor Capra was left in the dust. No better example was shown than when Capra appeared on The Dick Cavett Show with Robert Altman, Peter Bogdanovich and Mel Brooks in the early 70’s and they mostly were interested in talking about other directors than him.
  7. Spielberg is a relic of the past, he doesn’t want to join the era of streaming. Streaming is the future and had this film had a Disney+ or Hulu premiere it would have performed better. The pandemic has a lot to do with streaming but honestly Hollywood was moving toward this prior to the pandemic. I remember when Spielberg was running around complaining that streaming films should not be considered as Oscar contenders. This is definitely the philosophy of a man who doesn’t want to admit the old Hollywood is dead and his day in the sun is just about done.
  8. Shirley MacLaine and Robert Mitchum in Two for the Seesaw. Great film that doesn’t get much attention. Jack Lemmon and Lee Remick in The Days of Wine and Roses. Both break your heart in the film. Dustin Hoffman and Jon Voight in Midnight Cowboy. People have turned against the two in the past few years. Burt Lancaster and Tony Curtis in Sweet Smell of Success and Trapeze. I like this team better than Burt and Kirk.
  9. Spielberg told the BBC he was striving for more authentic representations. "First thing I said was every single Shark, boy and girl, needs to come from the Latinx communities," he said.
  10. Does TCM still run the commercial of Ricardo Montalban belly aching about Eli Wallach playing a Mexican bandit? Check out ‘ole Ricardo playing an Asian character on Hawaii Five-O where he even had the makeup team pull his eyes back. My point is, actors will do whatever is needed when they need the money but once they get to a point that money is no object anymore they all of a sudden have a problem about these things.
  11. It’s my opinion that Spielberg has not made a really good film since Saving Private Ryan. I think this newest version of West Side Story (which bombed, by the way) was some type of “woke” or agenda thing for him. I was really turned off that during an interview he admitted not to auditioning any other actors other than people of Latino heritage. Unfortunately, this is reverse racism and I know if someone else said something like this regarding only hiring Caucasian actors there would be a huge price to pay. I’m just so tired of people having an agenda anymore I just want to be entertained by w
  12. Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto for me. Also, that new Mad Max Fury Road had some frightening moments. But, yeah Apocalypto takes the cake for me. You won’t ever forget that one.
  13. Thank you so much for the informative post. This is the reason I come to the message board to read posts on Classic Hollywood (stars), not to disparage TCM and continue griping about 80’s and 90’s films on the channel. I am aware of the John Bowers story, however a lot of people over the years have weaved John Gilbert’s name into the John Bowers story. They probably unknowingly are mixing up stories of both men. Good stuff!
  14. I collect Classic Hollywood autographs and especially tragic figures. I currently have the signatures of: Clara Bow (Bell), William Haines, Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd, Marion Davies, Karl Dane, James Murray (The Crowd), Lillian Gish, Mary Pickford, Warren William, John Gilbert (my favorite), Catherine Deneuve, Chester Morris, Gloria Swanson, probably some more I can’t think of right now.
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