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  1. While smoking in classic films was quite common (as it was in the general public) I'm still surprised when I sometimes the character smoking in bed (alone.) Davis and Celeste Holm do it in All About Eve and Stanwyck in Sorry, Wrong Number. Even back then, that just seems too dangerously wrong.
  2. I love this thread. It gets my vote as one of the best, should anyone be keeping score. And really, doesn't everything, somehow, relate back to Brandon and Carol?
  3. It says SURF NAZIS MUST DIE. Why, I don't know, but Stacy just stares at it. Now you know if it is ever a Jeopardy answer.
  4. Trivia Question: (Don't look it up!) When Stacy is in that dugout and looking up at the ceiling what graffiti does she see?
  5. Sort of like "I knew Dorothy Parker. Jennifer, you're no Dorothy Parker?"
  6. Entertainment Weekly, after Miami Blues and Last Exit to Brooklyn dubs JJL "The Meryl Streep of Bimbos."
  7. It was a TV movie called Best Little Girl in the World (1981), I remember seeing it at the time.
  8. From what I understand Parker did sound like that; I assume that Jennifer had some source recordings to draw on. Your description sounds apt, sort of a Locust Valley Lockjaw Drunk Drawl.
  10. I love Dorothy Parker....I love Jennifer Jason Leigh (Hey, spell her DAMN NAME CORRECTLY!) and I love the film, Mrs. Parker. Admittedly, Jennifer's accent becomes incomprehensible at some point, but that's because of the drink. The film has Lili Taylor as Edna Ferber, so it's worth it just for that.
  11. If interested, to round out the films of Shannon Doherty I highly recommend Girls Just Want to Have Fun (1985), which starred a very young Sarah Jessica Parker and Helen Hunt.
  12. I saw Electric Dreams when it opened and LOVE it. The one that was going to catapult Virginia Madsen into super-stardom. They should release it without the Culture Club songs, so long as it has Moroder's Electric Dreams, The Duel and Helen Terry's Now You're Mine, one of the greatest, unheralded songs from the 1980s.
  13. I have one of those combo machines but watching anything on VHS now is unbearable, the quality is so hideous. I had a huge tape collection but now am almost finished throwing the last ones into the trash. Maybe I tossed some valuable gems away, but I'll never look at them again.
  14. I did a rather quick survey of Carol Lynley's obituaries and news headlines about her passing and I'd say 95% of them were in the form of "Star of Poseidon Adventure....", "Poseidon Adventure Actress Carol Lynley.....".....one hit movie ends up defining your life. There was "Carol Lynley, doomed ship's singer in Poseidon Adventure...." One headline did add Blue Denim and one added Bunny Lake along with Poseidon. Oh, and there was "Poseidon Adventure Actress and Former Girlfriend of David Frost Has Died....."
  15. Why on earth are there message boards and forums like this if each individual's opinions didn't matter? Anything factual about a movie can be researched and looked up online. Very little new can be offered. The only thing that's new about classic movies is the opinion or review by someone seeing it for the first time or revisiting it with a different or fresh perspective perhaps after a long time. I love to read reviews and opinions that differ substantially from mine.....if everyone said they love Gone With the Wind, that would be pretty dull and bland. I want to learn why someone hates (or loves) something I feel differently about. Granted, the writing should be coherent. Sorry, but in a place like this, everyone's opinion DOES matter, even if we disagree with it.
  16. I find Margaret's "once you've been a star you don't stop being a star" evocative of "I am big!"
  17. The Star is fabulous primarily for Bette's performance but while often overlooked and ignored it is hardly a "classic". So many scenes I love from the auction at the beginning (I think the poster they show is from Dark Victory?), the drunken car ride with Bette's own Oscar (with fun commentary about Jeanne Crain), the blow up in the department store....pure Bette all the way!
  18. We were talking about Women in Prison movies on another thread recently and Dennis Miller has "Caged Heat" and "Women's Prison" which I haven't seen and was recommended.
  19. Does the remake of The Women with Meg Ryan carry the same conceit of showing no male characters? I haven't seen it and don't know if I want to.
  20. I haven't seen it in awhile, but does CAGED show any male characters at all? I can't remember, but maybe some prison official?
  21. Gladys Cooper would feature all the Pitch-Forking Worthy performances we see frequently : Now, Voyager, Separate Tables, Mrs Parkington and Song of Bernadette....
  22. I agree so much that Ava should have done her singing in Showboat, ever since I saw That's Entertainment Part 52 or whatever number it was. Lena Horne's commentary was so sad, I still tear up re-watching. Agree also that Iguana was such a wonderful, fabulous performance, how did she not win every award? There was a documentary some time ago about Ava where she says something like a lot of us couldn't act, but we looked damned good on the screen. I love Ava.
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