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  1. I turned the TV on this morning and there was a gritty black and white movie with thugs terrorizing the passengers on a subway train. I was sitting at the computer so I decided to check the online TCM schedule to see what it was, and the schedule was wrong. Dammit! When are they going to get this straightened out?? Then I noticed the TV was on FXM, not TCM. Oops. Apparently the people who approved the redesign of TCM's online schedule aren't the only dumbasses out there. My apologies.
  2. On the first page of this thread, there's someone who likes the new format. I don't recall any since then, but maybe only the first one was so memorable because seriously???
  3. At least TCM got the November schedule up on the 1st of November. Impressive. But for The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum and Coup de Grace, showing consecutively tonight, the daily and monthly schedules show, under DIRECTOR, "no director information available." I thought, "Why doesn't someone look it up and stick it in there?" I guess it's too much trouble, but surely having one person at TCM do it is preferable to making everyone looking at it do it. But then I clicked on the "more info" link in the daily schedule and the name of the movie in the monthly schedule, and the director
  4. Oh, yeah, I know you've filled the breach, and having it all on one page is infinitely preferable to doing it day-by-day with TCM's current daily schedule format. But something about the formatting on yours makes it hard to read for me. I found that it's better if I go to the bottom and scroll up, for some reason. But my eyes are always darting around. The previous daily schedule, when I would click "expand all," was just perfect for me. Nice and compact, with just the information I want (including the star rating). I could look through a few weeks of schedule quite quickly, and rea
  5. Um, okay, I guess I should have been more specific and asked where on the TCM site I can click to get the next month's schedule. If I hover my mouse on SCHEDULE, only DAILY SCHEDULE and MONTH SCHEDULE come up, and MONTH SCHEDULE takes me to October, which has only one day left in play since it's the 30th. And if I go ahead and click on SCHEDULE without waiting for DAILY or MONTH to come up, it takes me to the daily schedule.
  6. Hey now. AOL was mailing disks in 1993, and they weren't first on the internet. I've never been a user of the monthly schedule, but I hate the new daily one so much I'm willing to give it a try. But on the TCM website, the only options are for daily and monthly schedules, and the only monthly one is for October, which give me one day of schedule because it's now the 30th. Am I missing some place to click?
  7. My complaint is there is there is no film list of each episode. I want to find out more of those unsung female filmmakers TCM really just sort of dumped this series on the schedule, without any real support or content. As I pointed out above, at least one of the links to a director on TCM's own page for Women Make Film gives a 404 Error. However, I did a quick internet search and found the website for the series: https://www.womenmakefilm.net/ It has the dreaded poke-your-finger-at-things-because-there's-no-text-to-guide-you interface that is so common these days, b
  8. At least there's that. (And thanks for posting it.) But dang...the list of movies isn't clickable--just the director is. And if you click on that, you get a page about the director with a "select filmography" listed, but none of them are clickable. You can click on VIEW MORE ON TCMDB, where you can finally get to a clickable link for movie titles. Well, unless you're interested in Martha Coolidge--clicking on her gets you a 404 Error. But hey--the link for images seems to work flawlessly.
  9. Do you mean like the ones where people are talking about a particular movie star, with a few clips? Like just 3 or 4 minutes long? Or the Host on Host segments?
  10. I don't know anything about how websites work, and maybe I don't understand what "faster loading" means, but when I click on DAILY SCHEDULE on the new site, it takes much longer to load than the old one did. I see that spinning circle for a long time, and then finally the gigantic dates show up along the top and a while after that, the gigantic movie titles show up. Maybe it's all stuff that's lying in wait underneath that's slowing it down. Whatever--it's annoyingly slow, and it's extra annoying when all that's actually coming up on my screen is some gigantic text that I know isn't going t
  11. Caveat: The only schedule I've ever used on TCM is the daily schedule--the one that used to be color coded by genre. What "shorts" are people complaining about not being on the schedule any more? On today's (Saturday) daily schedule, at 10:00 a.m. Eastern they have a group of three: a 6-minute cartoon, an 8-minute one about how the FDA looks at fraudulent drug claims, and an 8-minute one on night life in Chicago. Those are the only types I've ever seen on the daily schedule, so maybe y'all used to get different (shorter?) ones on another schedule? But so far, the content on the
  12. VOTED. Not only do I hate the format, my schedule got hung up on Oct 11 and wouldn't budge no matter how much clicking I did. You'll never convince me the new bloat didn't contribute to it.
  13. Wiseman's films show up on PBS sometimes. They've recently shown In Jackson Heights, and I also saw At Berkeley a while back. I get only a national feed for PBS on my satellite, so they must have been part of Independent Lens or POV or something like that.
  14. They just showed Alfred Hitchcock's short film "Bon Voyage." Even at the beginning, the bottom line of the subtitles was low, and sometimes partially below the screen. By the end, only the very top of the bottom line was visible. I have an old TV so I'm used to having the left and right sides cut off, but never the bottom.
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