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  1. bogeyboy

    Judy Garland

    Hi Guys and Dolls, why not start out a tribute to Judy Garland with the title of a classic Broadway musical (not to mention a pretty decent film). Frank Sinatra once said of our subject, "She's the only one they'll remember, the rest of us will be forgotten." I don't know if Frank really said that but I like to think he did. I know I will never forget her and have been a star struck fan ever since my youth when I first watched her in "The Wizard of Oz." Of course it may go back even earlier when I was just an infant of six months when my mother used to watch "The Judy Garland Show"; I was
  2. In my pursuit of all things Jules Dassin I set my internal clock the other night for 1 am harboring the erroneous belief that Mr. Dassin had directed the 1943 film "Hitler's Children". I quickly learned as the opening credits rolled that it was not My Man Jules that helmed this particular piece of pot boiler propaganda (sorry but I am a sucker for alliteration) but another Hollywood director famed for his excursions into the film noir genre Edward Dmytryk. Wait The plot thickens, in typical film noir fashion- Dmytryk is the man responsible for Dassin being blacklisted, having denounced him
  3. I continue in my pursuit of watching and blogging about the films of Jules Dassin. I watched "Rififi" (1955) last night. It was not my first time catching this intriguing and very well made heist film but it was the first time I studied the movie. I can't just watch a movie if I am going to write about it, I need to absorb it, take it in, chew on it and then hopefully spit it out and discourse about it with some intelligence. I want to begin with a fitting nihilistic question: does any of this matter? Will these films and the men (and women) who made them survive? Will people be ta
  4. Hello to all you Noir aficionados, I am back with another Jules Dassin film-1949's "Thieves Highway." I am enjoying my exploration of Dassin's' movies; the guy made some great flicks and I am going to catch as many as I can. Everything he did in Hollywood pre "Brute Force" seems pretty negligible ("Reunion in France"?); I know "The Canterville Ghost" is considered a good movie but is it a Jules Dassin movie or just a well made product of the studio system? Someone with a little more knowledge on the subject can maybe help me with this. I have seen "Brute Force" and "The Naked City" but w
  5. Thanks for all those who responded to my review of "Night and the City." I cleaned it up and corrected any factual errors (Sullivan not Lom). I am going to post my review of "Thieves Highway, hope you like it. Ciao!
  6. Henry Fonda in "Young Mr. Lincoln" next: Arthur Conan Doyle
  7. I am going to pass the thread on (unable to come up with a challenging question worthy of such formidable peers)
  8. Christopher Plummer next: Eleanor Roosevelt (not Greer Garson)
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