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  1. Still missing Robert Osborne and wishing him well. Thank you TCM for giving viewers an excellent choice to fill in during his absence.
  2. I doubt, too, that her salary was the sole motivation for hiring her. Who's to say that she didn't have representation or advice during the hiring negotiations? I don't know her salary/contract package, so I don't know if they got her on the cheap or not. She initially was a fan pulled from the ranks, but the moment TCM and Ms. Vasquez began discussing her permanent employment was the moment (for me) when she became a professional. She was seeking and they were offering a professional position. I don't doubt that the future financial successes related to her position (for both TCM and Ms. Vasq
  3. It's kind of sad that so many people seem to have antipathy towards Tiffany. We should all face such extreme pressure when starting a new job-- and see how it feels. Well, honestly, some of us may have. We don't always reveal our true identities, do we? If you are, as your ID states, in a creative field, then you probably either experienced or witness, how pressured creative talents are. I certainly have and when it is extreme pressure for unjust reasons, I am always appalled. Sometimes, though, the extreme pressure is what ultimately motivates the recipient to become their best. I'm n
  4. I just saw that promo today and had to wonder why she isn't getting better assistance. Does she just have a camera crew? Doesn't she have an advisor to run through what she is actually saying. It is very unkind to her and I don't want to think that she really isn't that bright. It is ridiculous the way it is phrased and it has nothing to do with her age or demographic. It's simply a badly phrased commentary. She's been in the business too long to blame her Language Arts instruction. She needs to pick up where they (might) have dropped the ball.
  5. I can go along w/you on this. We know what they don't yet, which is overnight they too will be a nonexistent demographic w/the exception of prescription drug and medical/life insurance ads. Wait for it...
  6. Bonnie C ~ I have to agree, loyal TCM viewers deserve better than what we are initially being offered from TCM and Ms. Vasquez. I always hope for the Underdog to win and I am watching and hoping that Ms. Vasquez will improve her on-air talents. I do not find her youth a problem. It's a wise move on many levels. It is also refreshing. She is at ease with pronounciation and enunciation. Overall, her inexperience does not present problems for me. The problems that I have with her Saturday hosting are with the poor level of professionalism at which she is beginning with h
  7. Yes, Robert Osborne's absence is immensely difficult. Aside from being a wonderful host, he has set such high standards that we have come to expect. Ben is irreplaceable and delightful. As for the temporary hosts, keep them temporary. Ms. Stowe's lip plumping has left her with mild speech impediments making her the perfect host for "Sunset Boulevard." Honestly, she creeps me out. She works too hard at being seductive with the painted on gowns, hair extensions, heavy makeup and no close ups, please. Annette and Michael are both very talented and wryly witty, but in this gig I feel like they
  8. Bland hosts? That is Tiffany to a "T". TCM please help her with her presentations. Bland, boring, unenthusiastic, stiff as a board. With all of the young available talent from which to choose this is what loyal TCM fans are offered. And her promo spot... referring to practicing her presentations in the shower as "a dream come true." I want to believe that she means the job is a dream come true. Obviously (hopefully), a bad editing job, but it is hilarious and, regrettably, it doesn't help her struggling start.
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