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  1. Psycho is my least favorite of the major films Hitchcock made. Never loved the horror genre and just wasn't thrilled with the story or acting. "2001: A Space Odyssey" is also a drag. The lack of dialogue really hurts that one, even though it does have great cinematography and visuals.
  2. I first got into classic films in 2015 when TCM was showing a marathon of Marx Brothers movies. One of the first movies I saw was not one of their biggest hits but nonetheless I enjoyed , "The Big Store".
  3. Maybe all the liberals can shut up now and go back to their day jobs now that the trial is over and Chauvin was found guilty. Oh wait, they'll be foaming at the mouth waiting for the next police killing of a black man to protest and riot over.
  4. George Floyd died of an overdose. He was a criminal and so many people idolized him because he was killed by an officer. The dumb liberals got their stupid wish
  5. I wish TCM would stop with the warnings at the beginning of movies as well, because in the end it's just entertainment. But, I always have my dvds to watch and they come completely uncensored and without any warnings
  6. The 1939 version of "The Wizard of Oz" was a remake but the original movie wasn't a renowned classic like the 1939 version. I can see why fans would be upset to see the film being remade. Most moviegoers have no idea that a 1925 version of the movie ever existed.
  7. https://variety.com/2021/film/news/wonderful-wizard-of-oz-remake-1234904194/ They should leave the classics alone. What's next, Gone with the Wind?
  8. I'd say movies from the 1980s can classify as old by this point. The oldest ones are already 40 years and movies made in 85' are 35 years old. I think that's old enough to be considered a classic
  9. Ghost Adventures Earlier , I watched "A Matter of Life and Death" with David Niven.
  10. 1. Saboteur 2. Marnie 3. North By Northwest 4. Vertigo 5. Rear Window I'll be honest , I don't care for Psycho at all
  11. Bette Davis Frank Tashlin or Howard Hawks
  12. My favorite films : The Treasure of The Sierra Madre With Six You Get Eggroll Breakfast At Tiffany's The African Queen The Graduate The actual best movies : Casablanca Citizen Kane The Godfather Gone With The Wind Rebel Without A Cause
  13. I have seen this show many times and is the best show about the paranormal. What makes the show good is the crew members and the incredible evidence they get during their investigations. The show can be quite terrifying at times too.
  14. Football game between Nebraska And Wisconsin
  15. In an hour or two , I decided I am going to watch "The Sweet Smell Of Success" starring Burt Lancaster and Tony Curtis. For the second feature , I'm debating between watching "Carwash" or "The Long Lost Trailer".
  16. I don't think TCM has ever aired it , but I'd love to see "My Man Godfrey" on TCM. As for silent films , I'd love to see "The Sheik" and "The Jazz Singer".
  17. A documentary on the use of Technicolor in film
  18. Adam West Next: Frankie Avalon or Annette Funicello?
  19. Does cigarette smoke make you sick or doesn't it bother you at all?. I was just visiting my uncle at his apartment and this lady across the hall was smoking like a chimney. I was watching "Ghost Adventures" , when I was hit with the putrid odor of smoke. It was fresh smoke of course, so it smelled awful. I tried everything to get the smell out , but accomplished nothing. As soon as I smelled it , I immediately got a headache and had to cover my face with my shirt because it smelled that bad. The question is , does cigarette smoke bother you or not at all?
  20. B.D. Hyman Next: Jack L. Warner or Samuel L. Goldwyn?
  21. Claude Rains Next:Charles Bickford or Henry Travers?
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