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  1. Saw this for the first time tonight since seeing a public domain VHS release several years ago....it's much better appreciated in a pristine print! What terrific art direction and special effects, for 1936 yet!
  2. The best of the giant bug movies IMO. Still amazing how well the special effects hold up today. Great mystery and suspense and the serious performances from Gwenn, Arness, and Whitmore really suspend your disbelief. Don't miss Leonard Nimoy's cameo
  3. Very fond of this film. Always thought the moving mounds of earth was a clever way to show the invisible creatures and if you had to have a talking zombie, John Carradine had to be the guy to cast
  4. My favorite Bernard Herrmann score...what other movie can you think of where the music supplies the best sound effects? Klaatu Barada Nikto!
  5. Love this film...Les Tremayne was an underrated talent, bringing immediate credence to the fantastic story, and the monster is sure to give any kid the willies!
  6. Yes, he's my favorite Moriarty. Love the scene at the beginning where he's plotting with the dirge in the background, and then they pan over to show someone's actually in the room playing it.
  7. Thanks, TopBilled! Love George....he brought the sinister like nobody's business, whether in a high class production or a Monogram or PRC quickie.
  8. A poem I shared in the Universal Horror group on Facebook, thought I'd post it here too. Let me know your favorites among these.... Fans of Universal horror films know an awful lot, And know many things that others just do not. They know that Victor Frankenstein actually went by Henry, And that his monster was played by not one actor, but many. Karloff came first and was thought by many the best, Chaney, Lugosi, and Strange brought to life the rest. But before Frankenstein, Dracula came first, Lugosi played the vampire with the unhealthy thirst. But there were more monsters like the ancient Mummy, With bandages wrapped over his chest and his tummy, Karloff played him first, and Chaney played him too, But Tom Tyler played him in between the other two. And Claude Rains as the Invisible Man caused quite a bother, Several years before he played The Wolf Man's father. Vincent Price was invisible too in a special effects gem, And Jon Hall followed in not one, but two of them. But back to the Frankenstein monster and his clan, Which included a bride, two sons, and a hunchbacked man, The villainous Ygor who survived the noose and a shooting, He looked very evil when giving his flute a tooting. A great role for Lugosi, and next he played the monster, what's more, Although all his dialogue ended up on the cutting room floor. Dracula had a family too, a daughter and son shared his curse, The boy tried to pass himself off as Dracula spelled in reverse. Chaney played him, and all the other monsters at one time, But Larry Talbot was the role that made his fame climb. There were other great actors like John Carradine, Who played Dracula and a high priest and a scientist mean, Who combined an ape with human hormones, so he could say, That he was the one who created Paula Dupree. Don't forget George Zucco, a high priest who warned fools, And also was a professor that turned men into ghouls. There was Rondo Hatton, the villainous Creeper, Who introduced many victims to the Grim Reaper. And there's even more that Universal fans know, But let me just say it gives me a glow, It warms my heart and fills me with glee, To know that I'm part of this wonderful community.
  9. Hello all...I'm looking to make some friends but it's been hard to find people in Indiana who are into classic sci-Fi and horror like I am. I enjoy the Universal monsters, Hammer horror, The films of Lugosi, Karloff, Chaney, and Atwill, plus also enjoy sci-fi and mystery films from the 1920s through the 1960s. Anyone from Indy out there who feels the same?
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