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  1. Bette Davi's eyes inspired that 1980s song by the lady with the scratchy voice.
  2. Part of the cheesiness comes from the movie's vision of the future..... those costumes! The effects were decent, considering this was before computer generated art/effects. One reason the original King Kong remains so awesome --more than Cameron's CGI- laden "Titanic"-- was that it it was not CGI. Same thing with Wizard of Oz, even when you see the backdrop, the art work is so great, you don't care.
  3. Part of "The Swarm". I kept hoping Tom Servo and Crow from MST 3000 would come make snide comments about it.
  4. Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious A really short title
  5. Who would play you in a movie of your life? Cathy: Carol Burnett. Kenton: Dustin Hoffman.
  6. Frank Morgan as the Emerald City gatekeeper in Oz. Cat
  7. One thing bugged me,though. In the end, when the kid runs after Shane, where are the parents? When the kid started running, my maternal instinct kicked in and I wanted the parents to run right after him
  8. We're fine. We just had to adopt that "show must go on" spirit for a while.
  9. Our town recently had bad storm damage, a grade school lost its library and computer lab, homes and businesses were out of power for the weekend and my employer (the local paper) had to scrape by with its Internet, wire server and operating systems down. I kept thinking about the final scene in "The Greatest Show on Earth," when the rag-tag remnants of the circus parade through town and Betty Hutton sings "Come to the Circus."
  10. Lana Turner, we can get a milk shake at Schwabbs Rather have Jimmy Durante or Bert Lahr read you a bedtime story?
  11. Interesting POV. I picked Ava because she always remembered her rural poor roots. Reagan. Errol would pick a fight Who would more likely be president of the PTA, Susan Hayward or Rita Hayworth?
  12. Pick a mundane or unusual situation and choose who would most likely do it. I will start Shop at Walmart. .... Olivia de Havilland or Ava Gardner?
  13. The Andrews Sisters. Would you rather go to Taco Bell with Joan Fontaine or Burger King with Joan Crawford?
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