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  1. Oops.. Would you rather find Nemo or find Dory
  2. Gene Hedy invented the cell phone, sort of.
  3. What sports figure would make the best transition to movies? I always like commercials with LA Clippers players Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. Blake's kind of one-note, but he's hilarious. Russell Westbrook might transition well.
  4. When "American Experience" is on, I watch it. We also have excellent locally produced shows, especially OETA Movie Club, where I first got into classic movies. The only other networks I can tolerate are the Travel Channel (#expeditionunknown guy is hot!) ESPN and wherever I find a baseball game. Guilty Pleasure is America's Got Talent.
  5. If you Feel Like Singing, Sing from "Summer Stock". Rugs
  6. A. I leave in a huff when people stop replying to my topics. B. I am not cool enough for these groups and I have painful seventh-grade flashbacks.
  7. Best -- Binge watching Olivia DeHaviland on Friday
  8. I had watched "Gaslight" often. But, the last time it was on (OETA Movie Club), I couldn't sit through certain scenes. May next time. Great thriller.
  9. How true. I cannot count the movies that comfort me. I guess another reason "The Snake Pit" made me feel uneasy is that I had just visited my mom at a place with many dementia patients. The scenes in the wards are what I sometimes see there (though the patients are well cared for).
  10. Onward Christian Soldiers. ... from the movie in which Spencer Tracy says "Dr. Livingston, I presume." Paper towels
  11. The Odd Couple was a popular humorous duet at our high school speech contests. I still have that last "linguine" scene memorized. Same with the Empress/Anna scene from "Anastasia" (which I took to the 19xx State Finals in dramatic reading) Our community theater is doing a female "Odd Couple" in August. I play female Oscar.
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