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  1. When "American Experience" is on, I watch it. We also have excellent locally produced shows, especially OETA Movie Club, where I first got into classic movies.

    The only other networks I can tolerate are the Travel Channel (#expeditionunknown guy is hot!) ESPN and wherever I find a baseball game.

    Guilty Pleasure is America's Got Talent.

  2. Interesting post, and I don't think we've ever really had a thread like this before. So you're covering new ground here.


    Keep in mind that scenes in movies can also have the opposite effect. Instead of triggering PTSD, they can also create warm, nostalgic feelings too. Film itself has the power to move us, and it serves as a catalyst in dealing with all kinds of feelings.


    Last night I watched a Madeleine Carroll movie from 1939 and a few of her crying scenes had a strangely profound effect on me. Then I realized it was because her character was dealing with something that I had dealt with a few years ago. I had dropped those issues and continued on with my life. But still, the performance and images on screen were helping me deal with it again and put it into a new context. Make sense?


    How true. I cannot count the movies that comfort me.


    I guess another reason "The Snake Pit" made me feel uneasy is that I had just visited my mom at a place with many dementia patients. The scenes in the wards are what I sometimes see there (though the patients are well cared for).

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  3. The Odd Couple was a popular humorous duet at our high school speech contests. I still have that last "linguine" scene memorized. Same with the Empress/Anna scene from "Anastasia" (which I took to the 19xx State Finals in dramatic reading)


    Our community theater is doing a female "Odd Couple" in August. I play female Oscar.

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