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  1. I wonder if certain movies trigger flashbacks or PTSD -- for example, if war movies trigger PTSD. It could be something as innocent as seeing a certain breed of dog. I just remember watching Ingrid in Gaslight, and feeling it happen to me. I got the same creepy tingle watching a Snake Pit scene. I was able to watch it twice this week.
  2. I just watched "Snake Pit" and found a few scenes (like the one before Virginia was committed) hitting close to home. I was not able to sit through "Gaslight" because I was dealing with a boss who seemed just like Boyer. I heard that "gaslighting" is a term used in some abuse cases. Do you ever see certain movies --- or can't watch certain movies because they hit too close.
  3. The Last time I saw Paris sung by Dinah Shore in Till the Clouds Roll By. Kansas
  4. Big time relief from the anger I see on Facebook.
  5. Mancini For dog lovers Asta or Gromit?
  6. Trigger was Winnie the Pooh's friend. Oops, wrong continent. Here in northeastern Oklahoma, we have affinity for Mr. Ed. He is said to be buried in Tahlequah. And Francis the Talking Mule demands equal time.
  7. Other than TCM,PBS and ESPN, best thing on TV is the local shelter's dog/cat adoption show.
  8. Really leaning Libertarian this year. I am not enamored of the philosophy, but Johnson/Weld seem like they are best able to deal with Congress than Thing 1 and Thing 2.
  9. Waiting for Big Papi in the MLB All Str Game
  10. .... when you must turn the TV off before you get interested, otherwise you'll be late for work. (Happened twice this week )
  11. Neither, I'll take Tom Hanks Would you rather spend eternity with the kid from Shane or the Minions
  12. Happy from "Despicable Me 2" (Apologizin in advance) Minions
  13. I am truly sorry. I just wanted to specialize. I will delete it if it offends you.
  14. You know the drill. This time it's a state, city or country. (Using a one word movie title that's the same word as the location is cheating. Tulsa = "The Outsiders") Here we go Montana
  15. Little Women is always being updated. So is Mutiny on the Bounty. The latest Little Women, with Susan Saranon and Claire Danes was excellent, so was a 1978 TV version with Dorothy McGuire as Marmee and Greer Garson as Aunt March. Let's not forget, My Fair Lady was a remake o Pygmalion, which was eerily similar to "Kitty".
  16. I like the Papa John's Pizza Ghostbusters promo. Except now I want a pizza instead of to see the movie.
  17. Here,in Oklahoma, we have the OETA Movie Club every Friday and Saturday.They show lots of good shows on TV. Should we drop my original topic?
  18. 6 Months Out of Every Year from "Damn Yankees" Humongous long word
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