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  1. Whoops. Do over. I'd rather have lunch. Would you rather get in an argument with Ava Gardner or Susan Hayward?
  2. Musical Would you rather hang out with Ava Gardner or Susan Hayward?
  3. Ada (Oklahoma town and Crossword topic )
  4. Dean Martin. I have no idea why Malted milk balls
  5. Children of the Damned Basketball players who leave the town that loved them for exorbitant salaries.
  6. Alphabetical listing of actors, actresses, movies,, filmmakers, etc. BUT Both words/names must start with the same letter. Caught on a letter, post "Pass" three passes, go to the next letter Amy Adams
  7. Red River Hey, I jus joined today. Go give your ideas on my "games" topic "Today's Movies, Yesterday's stars"
  8. Bob, Carol, Ted and Alice ... four points.
  9. Take a recent movie and cast it with an actor/actress from earlier years. Or Take an old movie and put current actor/actresses in it. Extra points if you cite a year your "movie" would come out Example Thelma and Louise, 1955 Marilyn Monroe as Thelma Susan Hayward as Louise. Go....
  10. I almost hate to compare movie royalty to "The Brady Bunch" (sorry, but I'm from that generation), but Joan seems like younger sister, Jan, whining "Marcia, Marcia Marcia!" about the over-achieving Olivia. Talk about clashing cultural icons.
  11. A true lady with class! Though I was disappointed that TCM didn't do more on her special day. Where were "The Heiress," "Snake Pit" "Robin Hood?
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