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  1. LaughingGravy wrote: 11/30 7:39am/4:39a- The Hotel Anchovy 1934-18m-Ritz Bros. Note: he means 7:39PM / 4:39PM ... the evening, right before: 8:00 PM Bellboy, The (1960).
  2. On Sunday, 27-Nov-2005 at 6:00 AM EST, TCM broadcast "Captains Courageous" (1937) ... again. It has now been FIVE months since my original posting (June 20, 2005) alerted TCM staff to the corruptions in their print of this classic film. I rechecked the print aired on 27-Nov-2005 and it still shows the "splice-loop" corruption reported previously. It would be needless-to-restate [yet i will] that a preferable thing, for the paid subscribers, would be for TCM staff to get a print of this film with zero corruptions... and air it instead of the bad one. Hasn't TCM been broadcasting for over 10 years? And all that time none of their 'crack' viewership has notified TCM of this bad print -- not to mention TCM staff themselves? Do they watch their own channel? Tragic; maybe they're too busy. Anyways, quaint ribbing aside, the DVD is going to be released by "Warner Home Video" on 31-Jan-2006, see this URL: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000BYA4II/104-9620119-0340748 It's fourteen bucks at Amazon -- I'll send you the money, if needed.
  3. Since the film is airing on Monday -- has anyone else noticed before that there are at least two print corruptions in TCM's print of "Captains Courageous"? I've taped their print twice, and compared it to a pre-recorded VHS tape copy, and both times the print TCM aired had at least two corruptions. I made very detailed notes (which I misplaced for the moment) and can recall two of them somewhat. Both of them look like splicing problems. One is early in the print when Freddie is reading a letter; in the pre-recorded tape you can read text somewhat longer than in the TCM print. In the 2nd corruption, TCM's print loops a sequence (hence a splicing issue?). It's later in the print, two characters are standing on the deck (I think) and an about 5 to 10 second sequence occurs once, then immediate repeats itself -- it's rather obvious. I recall that (in part of it) the entire ship is being seen from a side view. If I find my notes, I will post a follow up to this; or, I will compare them again; or, if needed, I can buy a new VHS print for TCM to use. I will videotape this one on Monday and check if TCM is still airing the corrupted print -- but since they have been for the several years that I've been watching TCM, I'm not expecting it to be different. Note: I'M NOT TRYING TO CRITICIZE THE WONDERFUL T.C.M. channel or staff -- please don't attack the messenger. I simply noticed the problem with their print and investigated it on my own, and this is the only practical method I have to urge TCM to handle it -- to update/repair their corrupted print. I'm only trying to improve things! Hopefully the Tcmprogrammer can take note of this. (If I find they already fixed the print, I will post again here.)
  4. FYI, on 19-Jun-2005, at the end of the introduction for "The Rag Man", host Robert Osborne stated this: "One more thing of note about this film: last year it was given a new music score composed by a winner in our Young Film Composers Competition -- Linda Martinez, who, I'm sad to say, died last month at the age of 29. And our heartfelt condolences go out to her family and friends who I hope can take some comfort in the fact that her work on this film will continue to be appreciated for many many years to come. Here, from 1925, 'The Rag Man'."
  5. TomaGain77 -- after i read what you wrote, i decided to check my tape for corruption. I looked through the whole 65-minutes at fast-forward and did not see any digital corruption-event that you described. Can you be even more specific about what was happening in the film at that point (and what image is frozen)? If so, I will check even in more careful detail. However, I'm surprised you assert that it was not likely caused by your local provider, especially if you have that bogus so-called "digital cable" like I have. That dang box "barely works"; I've seen so many digital artifacts, especially pixillization [sp.?]. I've definitely seen this "image frozen" syndrome many times, it's an artifact of ... weak-quality ... cable tv companies, me-thinks. In any case, I'm pretty dubious this fault was caused by TCM origination equipment; TCM has only one national feed (i think), so if your reception was corrupted and mine wasn't, and we taped at the same moment in time, it must have been your local provider. I'm on the West Coast; whereabouts is "Planet Tang"? Who's your provider (mine's Comcast).
  6. If you look closely at one of the Amazon.Com "Spotlight Reviews" of the DVD by Reviewer: Mark Savary "moon_city" (Seattle, WA), you see this notation included: The packaging of the DVD says that the film is in standard (or pan n' scan) format, but the disc is actually (and thankfully), in widescreen. The widescreen framing is not perfect, but close enough for satisfaction. The color is a bit "washed out", and the sets are clearly painted in a color scheme meant for black and white film. This combination makes the colors a bit garish at times, but for the age of the film, it looks pretty good overall barring a full-on restoration. ---------------- Also, I purchased a true widescreen film-transfer print onto VHS of it from eBay seller opie2001 (ficus5000@yahoo.com) for $17.50 back on 20-Oct-2003. His reply to a question of mine was this: It's not sourced from tv, so there are no logos or commercials. It's from a studio master print -- color is a bit faded. recording quality itself is excellent. includes the widescreen trailer. ------------ Lastly, it's terribly difficult to distinguish between (2.55:1) and (2.35:1) on a TV screen; all of the 2.55:1 CinemaScope films were done between 1953 and 1956, the last one being "Raintree County" (1956). So it is likely true that "The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell", being done in 1955, was in the (2.55:1) type of CinemaScope. Maybe the comment that the DVD review mentioned when he wrote the verbiage the "widescreen framing is not perfect" is referring to a squashing off of some of the 2.55:1 ?
  7. EX-cellent -- very excellent! I only urge for that same level of perfection on which TCM and staff verge normally. When there's a DVD widescreen available on the open market, TCM staff would want even more than usual not to broadcast the Pan&Scan print. It's true that TCM doesn't play a P&S print unnecessarily too often -- but it's worth having subscribers identify it here (e.g., to alert TCM staff). If I notice it, I post a question about it; I'm not trying to criticize: I couldn't easily appreciate how difficult it must be to run TCM, with new prints being released weekly, etc. Clearly, TCM is the state-of-the-art in broadcasting widescreen/letterbox prints!
  8. On Saturday, January 22, 2005 at 4:00pm EST, TCM played a Pan&Scan (P&S) version of "Shenandoah" (1965). According to DVD technical info from Amazon.Com (cited below), it's not clear why TCM would air it P&S when a Widescreen [Letterbox] version has been available on DVD for nearly FIVE MONTHS. Consider the data below taken from the DVD descriptions off Amazon.Com: Release Information: Studio: Universal Studios DVD Release Date: August 24, 2004 Edition Details: Widescreen According to IMDb, the proper aspect ratio for this film is (1.85:1), widescreen/letterbox. PLEASE: why didn't TCM air "Shenandoah" in LBX? Are subscribers to presume that "Universal Studios" will not permit TCM to air the widescreen version of this film until some special date?
  9. Actually, fwiw ... "One Magic Christmas" is scheduled to air nationally on a TCM-competitor station named the Hallmark_Channel on Monday, Dec. 6, 2004 at 9pm. Stars: Harry Dean Stanton and Mary Steenburgen.
  10. Dan -- thanks for posting the details you did have about the content of the probable cuts, and now the possible corrected running-time. It seems this film was produced by Scimitar Films, and distributed by MGM/UA Home Entertainment Inc. (laserdisc) and United Artists. Maybe TCM staff can contact the back-channels for their print of this film and might determine the feasibility of getting a better/longer print. I'm unsure how else to proceed. Maybe the UK DVD version has some of the missing material; it was only just released 05-Jul-2004. (I cannot play Region 2 PAL format DVDs to check.) Can you indicate your sources for the information on the content of the cuts and the possible runtime you've cited? Have you read about this elsewhere, or seen a longer print. I wonder how one would even "know" a longer print exists. The only other source I see for it is a laserdisc, but it is presumably the "cut" version. I hope the tcmprogrammer, who previously commented in this thread, can see our follow-up messages, and can comment more about this topic. Where is this production company "Scimitar Films"? Presumably they own the "longest version", right? The director & producer for "Lawman" is a "Michael Winner". At the URL below, it shows he founded Scimitar Films in 1959. Maybe he can be contacted? He seems to be alive & well and still working in the U.K. (and not even 68 years old)! http://www.hollywood.com/celebs/detail/celeb/196963 1959 Formed Scimitar Films.
  11. On Sunday, August 1, 2004 at 12:30amd EDT, TCM played a Pan&Scan (P&S) version of "Fletch" (1985). According to DVD technical info from Amazon.Com (cited below), it's not clear why TCM would air it P&S when a Widescreen [Letterbox] version has been available on DVD for over FOURTEEN months. Consider the data below taken from the DVD descriptions off Amazon.Com: Release Information: Studio: Universal Studios DVD Release Date: May 6, 2003 Aspect Ratio(s): Widescreen anamorphic - 1.85:1 PLEASE: why didn't TCM air "Fletch" in LBX? Are subscribers to presume that "Universal Studios" will not permit TCM to air the widescreen version of this film until some special date?
  12. You might consider consulting this book: "The Movie Moguls: An Informal History of the Hollywood Tycoons" by Philip French; Chicago: Henry Regnery Co. 1969. It covers a history of the studios in relation to the 'men' who ran things.
  13. Can anyone tell how much in advance of their airing the Robert Osborne introductions are taped? An acquaintance of mine asserted that it's foolish to believe that Robert Osborne really tapes the intros "on" the day they air. For example, when Mr. Osborne says "Now on this beautiful Sunday in July...", he is really taping it like the Thursday or Friday before. Is that true? I remember on Sunday, September 28, 2003 TCM played an Elia Kazan marathon from 6pm to midnight ET, and yet earlier that day director Elia Kazan passed away ... yet Robert Osborne did not say anything about the death of Kazan in any of the intros. So it could be concluded that Mr. Osborne taped those intros early enough that he didn't know Kazan died ... which would have been probably the Saturday before or earlier, right? Just wondered this about the intros for a long while.
  14. Jeepers, i suppose you're right about that -- there wouldn't have been a Robert Osborne intro for that previous airing. I wonder if Robert Osborne didn't know it aired before, or if the "TCM definition" of "TCM premiere" is somehow different than a common sense literal interpretation of "premiere"? Or maybe even ... it didn't air the previous time, even though it was on the schedule (e.g., maybe TCM interrupted their programming that day for a memorial marathon)? It's odd ... I'm pretty sure "Clarence" aired before, so I don't see why TCM would call it a 'premiere'.
  15. Would anyone else find it odd that before the airing of "Clarence, The Cross-Eyed Lion" played on July 21, 2004, Robert Osborne stated it was a "TCM premiere", yet this same film previously played on TCM on Sunday, October 26, 2003 at 7:00AM ET? Is it reasonable to conclude that the intro from back in Oct. 2003 was recycled ... repeated again ... July 2004? (It was previously thought that Robert Osborne always does new intros, but how could TCM staff assert that it was a TCM premiere when it wasn't?)
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