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  1. That's a bit extreme, considering we have director Bob Clark to blame for it--If I were to give up movie-watching because of one traumatic experience, I sure as heck wouldn't want to give Bob Clark the satisfaction of it. Ralphie's BB rifle, my fanny, Clark's got almost the entire REST of the decade to answer for. 😠
  2. She hasn't sold out to her "audience" like Nicole Kidman has, but she's...been acting a little goofy lately. Meryl wanted to do comedy for her entire Oscar-winning 80's, and we all agreed that She-Devil "didn't count" once Defending Your Life could be officially recognized as the first. Disney's recent "Cruella" movie only existed because the studio had gotten Prada's screenwriter Aline McKenna for another project, and thought "Sayyy...Meryl Streep as a nasty fashion designer? 🤔 " But if Meryl's infamously goofy anti-Disney rant wasn't at the Golden Globes, where everyone can be excus
  3. Thankfully, it was the movie that shut down the insufferably "quirky" 80's chemical factory that was director Susan Seidelman's free ride after Desperately Seeking Susan. And, just like other "quirky" indie directors that fell on their face after getting that big mainstream studio gig (ahemhudsonhawkgreenhornet), Seidelman sank out of sight afterwards, and was last seen directing episodes of that insufferably over-the-top Electric Company "remake" on PBS a while ago.
  4. Uh, we know you're on a roll for clips and all-caps gags, Lorn, but if you're trying to tell us that gay people have an extremely explainable obsession with seeing Meryl Streep do dignity-goofing things in movies...we know. 😛 "Mamma Mia" sort of clued us in, long ago.
  5. After almost every other line in Fantastic Mr. Fox had to insert "Cussin'" as the all-purpose PG euphemism for the usual dialogue found in Painfully Quirky Arthouse Indies, I think it can be said that Wes Anderson's mind is completely detached from any of the necessary sentiments to adapt a children's story, like other functional human beings. I haven't seen Spike Jonze's Where the Wild Things Are, but I can say with confidence that the whimsical nasty-10-yo. world of Dahl is a world locked off from Anderson and his cutely art-designed Grand Budapest Hotel. You got your track suit, Wes
  6. Okay, so: Why IS Johnny Mandel credited as composer, when there's almost no music in the movie apart from Deodato and Satie? Is it another 2001, where the director changed the entire score before the credit could be changed?
  7. I spent years trying to track down the soundtrack--and why there wasn't one--before finding out it was just two or three of Erik Satie's piano Gnossienes:
  8. Yeah, it was sort of the Wakanda Forever of its (90's) day, and Amistad would have been Spielberg's biggest disappointment if "A.I." and "The Terminal" hadn't come along so soon afterwards. As a str8 person who found Whitney annoying (I remember listening to Whitney's "The Greatest Love of All" on every radio station and joking "If the lyrics express her concern, from this rendition, Whitney should reassure herself that she is in no immediate danger of not loving herself enough... 🙄"), all I can say is, yes, she WOULD throw a 90's Amistad lyric into one of her songs. And the uber
  9. Well, that's not so much about the movie itself, as about grown women dreaming about how cool it would be to be wanted cat-burglars, international spies, badass bounty hunters, and, occasionally, vampires. Not that guys don't too, of course, but then we graduate high school. 🙄
  10. Yeah, you didn't choose your seat from the attendant, you chose it from the automated Cinemark kiosk.
  11. Guest stars re-enacting their condensed movies was basically "Movies on television" before there was television--There were a half dozen such shows, although Lux is the best remembered. Also, Gates McFadden (Dr. Crusher) was making a pest of herself about "Female roles on Star Trek", like Denise Crosby before her, and threatening to quit. There's a great deleted scene from Galaxy Quest (1999) where Sigourney Weaver does a perfect the-fans-get-it parody of disgruntled Star Trek:TNG actresses.
  12. Lost Soul: the Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley's Island of Dr. Moreau (2015 ), I believe you're looking for, and if it's all over streaming, it's probably on Tubi: https://tubitv.com/movies/537473/lost-soul-the-doomed-journey-of-richard-stanley-s-island-of-dr-moreau It's...a wild ride, starting from Stanley's crazy new-age attempt (which didn't even TRY to resemble Wells' book) to do an encore for his big debut in "Hardware", and after Stanley's indulgences lost him the job, and the studio took it over as a generic picture for John Frankenheimer, a beached-whale Brando who didn't care
  13. Cartoon Network used to have the old "ToonHeads" series, where they would explore frequent cartoon-fan conspiracy theories--Like the rumor that film processing labs might often misdeliver MGM footage to Warner, and some Friz Freleng cartoons would, um, suspiciously resemble the plots and gags of Tom & Jerry or Tex Avery cartoons from the same time. Particularly, like why Bugs Bunny, in Rhapsody Rabbit (1946), would not only be a concert pianist playing the Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2, but also, in an unusual turn for him...chasing a mouse?? 🤔
  14. Well, they were trying to market it to young people by NOT TELLING them it was a musical. You know, like they did with Rent, Sweeney Todd and In the Heights. That's because young people think musicals are going to be "weird" until they see one, but the only ones they've seen are Moulin Rouge, Greatest Showman and Little Shop of Horrors.
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