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  1. ...Did you actually say "Really neat" in the letter? I wouldn't wait up nights. πŸ˜„
  2. Quiz Show (1994) is actually pretty good--mostly for the real-life story and Ralph Fiennes' performance--and doesn't turn leftwing-soapbox until the last ten minutes, when Martin Scorsese shows up to play the Snidely Whiplash of pop culture. "Lions For Lambs", however, will make you either cringe, facepalm, or giggle in kitschy nostalgia at how what we thought were the "angry" GWBush 00's had nothing on the last four years.
  3. They STILL haven't figured out that ratings have been plunging because of the nominees. They had an inkling back in '15, when Boyhood vs. Birdman became the lowest-rated, but then they went back to "Chris Rock should host the show!" (Oh, and they were also just about ready to drop the 10-nomination rule, which floods the competition with the same dreary indies they were trying to PREVENT seventeen years ago by shutting up Miramax, but unfortunately, dropping the rule would have kept Pixar from getting a Best Picture nomination, and the chances looked too good for "Inside Out".) And tha
  4. Technically, it's the Arclight/Pacific chain that's going under, just like Regal and AMC. They just own the Cinerama Dome as their most visible holding. Still, the Dome is the kind of theater that can get last-minute celebrity nostalgia-charity rescue campaigns, which Regal and AMC never will. Such a campaign would be a BIG step in helping the Downtown Local Indepently-Programmed Theater crush the Overbuilt 90's Cineplex Chain, as we were hoping would happen by the end of the Lockdown. May not be in time to save the Alamo theaters, though. πŸ™
  5. Judi Dench plays one of the three cows from Home on the Range (2004), which isn't as bad as its reputation has it, but is NOT one of the first 00's-10's ones I'd recommend to someone whose childhood was taken hostage by Lion King. ("Treasure Planet", "Wreck-It Ralph" and "Meet the Robinsons", yes, but...)
  6. ...You DID know some know-it-all Disney trivia nut was eventually going to read the header and think: 😁
  7. Yes, Redford's character in CA:tWS is very much a homage to Condor, which itself was Redford's Nixon-Era Activist Paranoia: the Movie. Feels a little too much like a personal project, but nobody could do political-intrigue thrillers like the 70's.
  8. Also, the Tonight episodes from Time-Life's "Best of Johnny Carson" collection already have a 24/7 broadcast-streaming channel on PlutoTV. Another source for Davy to look elsewhere for his momentary needs, and come back to us saying "Thanks, guys, for showing me where ELSE TV is playing!...Do you think TCM will show PlutoTV?"
  9. Dave, I know we've asked before, but WHY do you want Turner Classic Movies to show everything except Classic Movies? πŸ€”
  10. Oops, sorry--I always confuse March with Raymond Massey, who had to deal with James Dean's sudden Wiseau-esque "You're tearing me APART!" in East of Eden.
  11. I always like watching Frederic March and Jim Backus using their actor improvisation to try and take the scene back from Dean's sudden on-set method-histrionics. A good professional actor has to know how to keep the show going, despite last-minute emergencies.
  12. Independence Day was a huge hit at the time, that unfortunately made Roland Emmerich think he was a director. (And forever made us confuse his movies with Michael Bay's.) If it's any reassurance, the Independence Day: Resurgence (2016) sequel was a cringing expensive box-office 90's-nostalgia flop that wasn't good, sank immediately upon opening, and helped crush Fox out of their house-franchise dreams and into that Disney sale. So, I'm guessing that would be a "suffered" reputation.
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