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  1. Call it the resentment of Betrayal: Randi's early skeptic books, "Flim Flam" (where he recounts his greatest cases), and "The Mask of Nostradamus" (where Randi not only deconstructs the whole Jeanne Dixon "prediction" industry, but puts Nostradamus' prophecies in biographical context, where they may have actually been coded messages to the 16th-cty. French Protestant underground) are worth reading, even if a little of Randi's own staged "curmudgeonly" act, and narcissistic "martyr complex" of the faith healers out to get him, went a long way. For a time, I even followed him on social media,
  2. Randi did a great special for PBS Nova on his greatest cases, including what a ridiculous, conniving fraud "psychic" Uri Geller was in the 70's. (Before a Johnny Carson appearance, Carson, who knew magic, asked Randi for advice, who said, "Don't let any of his entourage handle ANYTHING before the show." Carson didn't, and Uri spent ten minutes on the show looking like a deer in the headlights. ๐Ÿ˜‚ ) Randi, unfortunately, was also SLIGHTLY to the left of Penn Gillette and Bill Maher as "You'll take it and like it!!" militant/snarkmeister Atheist-warriors, which unfortunately attracted the
  3. "And now, for our Weekend Update entertainment news, the Critics' Corner--My review of Tom Cruise's 'Interview with the Vampire': Not gay enough." ๐Ÿ˜„ Apart from SNL, I saw him hosting a 90's ESPN awards, roasting the then, um, varied sports programming on the network: "Where else do you get the chance to see Philippine Kickboxing, a unique world sport that combines the hard-hitting power, grace and strategy of boxing with, um........kicking?"
  4. McDonald's running SNL Weekend Update joke during the Bill Clinton vs. Bob Dole '96 election gave us the historical epitaph to Dole's political career that's still quoted to this day (esp. during the Biden-Trump election) : "On the campaign trail, Bob Dole lashed out this week against Bill Clinton's economic policies...Clinton responded 'Yeah, you're probably right, and oh, btw, I'm going to win ANYWAY.'" ๐Ÿ˜„
  5. In the aforementioned Sack Charles OG Star Wars (we didn't call it "A New Hope" back then), back in June 1977, when it had escaped "cult" status and was now the Movie to See, the lines were so long, you stood in line to get tickets two or three shows ahead, and came back to stand in another line just to get into the theater. To keep the crowds down, they let the next showing's audience into the lobby during the last ten or fifteen minutes of the trench battle. All we could see inside the theater, through cracks in the door or people coming in and out, were explosions of sparks, and the s
  6. I used to think that one gag of Marty Feldman sticking his head back out one last time and saying "....Blucher! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ" was directed at the horses, until I got to watch it with a cult theater audience that was already whinnying on cue. Feldman's fourth-walls in the movie wouldn't have been as funny if anyone else had been doing them.
  7. Unfortunately, once movies picked up in the mid-80's to late 90's, theaters became big-box outlets to PURCHASE your moviegoing, and joined the Wal-Marts out on the highway. Up to that point, they had been little 3-screens downtown, or in the college towns, or, in the suburbs, a little 3-screen on the strip-mall next to the supermarket. Which made it easier to go to any movie if it was Wednesday night and you just wanted to get out of the house, even if it was to see a Julia Roberts rom-com. Until Hollywood stopped making middle-tier rom-coms, or comedies, or suspense dramas, or anyth
  8. They used to be the only other big studio (besides Disney) that was sitting out the Digital VOD "revolution", back when Ultraviolet thought it was going to wipe physical disk off the map from '11-'18. Unfortunately, that meant they had to take their movies to streaming, which was why it was so EASY to find the Mission: Impossible movies, the Ninja Turtles reboots, every Tom Cruise action movie and Star Trek: Beyond so quickly on Epix, Amazon and Netflix. Now, the name of the game is for studios to get their own streaming sandbox, which, although you can still find the Cheers, Frasier a
  9. See the town of Mayberry attacked by bees! Thrill to the Lionel-esque special effects of a train crash! Hear an Air Force helicopter pilot deliver the line "OMG, they're all around me, bees, bees!" as if he's doing a radio-station traffic report.
  10. She can lick MY flower anytime! ๐Ÿ˜ I still don't. ๐Ÿ˜’ But Blake Edwards has spent so much of his career overreacting to "Julie isn't CUTE!" protests--even though he also satirized himself helping contribute to Julie's temporary downfall with "Darling Lili"--he needs to get over that complex as much as our culture needs to get over the jokes that sprang up when Mary Poppins appeared right at the height of 60's Sound Of Music Fatigue.
  11. I remember Boston had a few theaters literally built into the first floors of a couple parking garages, which saved on street space--One was right next to the upscale-hotel district, and right behind the hotel, which made it a good excuse for a movie out if you were staying there. Used to take the train in and meet my dad after work, and on some occasions, we'd catch a late movie he wanted to see: We stopped at the 57 (built into the downtown Hotel 57's parking garage) for an advance preview screening of Flash Gordon (1980), when the first audiences didn't know what to expect. Let's lin
  12. You saw Dr. Phibes and Tales From the Crypt for the first time on Grindhouse Row??? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ (faints from jealousy) I still remember going to the big three-screen theater in Times Square in 1982, to catch Tron on opening night, while in town on my first big solo trip to the big city, to look at colleges.
  13. I think they may have gotten C-3P0 confused with Ultraman. Which is...quite a bit of confusion. ๐Ÿคจ
  14. Back when I was blogging, I did paeans to the three formative theaters of my childhood: The Strand (or what was quickly built to replace it when it burned down), Seneca Falls, NY; The Fine Arts, Maynard MA; and Off the Wall Cinema, Cambridge MA. Sadly, all three are now closed, even the recently restored Maynard theater, which had to close after they lost their restorationist. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ I saw every great mid-70's movie (including Holy Grail and Young Frankenstein on opening) at the Strand, dozens of classic revivals on weeknights with a 10-admissions (for $30) ticket at the Fine Arts, and
  15. Other favorite egregious examples of untruth-in-advertising: - For those who haven't seen the movie on MST3K--Basing your decision JUST on the title and poster, would you guess that The Day the Earth Froze (1959) was: A) A tight British/Euro sci-fi pic about scientists contending with a sudden Arctic attack of alien origin, or B ) A whimsical Swedish/Finland fairytale version of the ancient Kalevala epic, about the hero who saved his village when an evil witch stole the sun? (Hint - Don't let the Swedish actor credits tip you off.) - One thing we'll never miss abo
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