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  1. Unless it is a John Wayne or a true 'golden oldie'- I don't bother with AMC, I don't know what audience they are trying to attract but whatever their reasons were for ruining an excellent channel- they can have it, I don't care if it's on my cable system or not.
  2. Mark- Please help me get TCM to play this movie at a reasoonable time! It's an incredible movie- I could watch it over and over- if they would just play it! Help!
  3. Mongo- you're right- Shelley Winters is a great staar- under-used by the studio system and a great teacher - thanks
  4. Instead of the musicals and Clara Bow- how about John Garfield,George Raft, Humphrey Bogart,Sydney Greenstreet- or how about some of their great B movies???
  5. Nick - you are absolutely correct- Ward Bond is undoubtedly one of the most unsung heroes and great actors of all time- I would love to see Ward Bond as Star of the Month- if he's in a movie- I watch it, I look for him in movies all the time- thanks for you recognition of Ward Bond- lets keep up the fight for Ward Bond recognition shall we?
  6. There is no way that I can find to contact TCM thru the website without joining- which I am very happy to do so? How about a "Contact Us" click on site???
  7. How about --- George Raft, Glora Graham, Kirk Douglas, Jack Webb, John Wayne- (not just the war movies- how about 'She Wore A Yellow Ribbon,Pittsburgh, Rooster Cogburn,etc... Thanks
  8. I agree completely! Some of TCM's best B movies are on at ridiculous times! Please if anyone at TCM reads these postings, you have an excellent vault of B movies- play them at regularly scheduled times! thanks!
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