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  1. What's wrong with the streaming? Ours is through Apple, and we keep finding films that have no picture and worse, no play button, when we call them up. This is bizarre.
  2. Does anyone know how to control the closed captions on TCM when I'm streaming? I'm on Comcast. It's always been problematic, coming on without my asking, but suddenly, in the last week, everything has captions and I can't get it to stop. Ideas?
  3. Okay, I love this line, so I remembered. Forgotten little film with Leslie Caron and Warren Beatty called Promise Her Anything, from I think 1965. It's New York, they're neighbors. He makes lightweight porn for a living, she's a widow or divorcee with a toddler. She's decided to look for the perfect husband, which she decides is, of all people, Robert Cummings, her boss and a baby shrink who can't stand kids. Not a great film, but I love, love that moment and that line when they're moving in and the kid wanders into his bedroom and calls him Daddy. I deny everything and demand proof!
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