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  1. The Russians are Coming to Dinner
  2. Oh yay! This is much better than my confusing game thread. I was hoping you guys had one started already, but couldn't find it. Ulee's Goldfinger
  3. Haha! That movie is almost as popular as The Boxcar Express! Hmm... Not sure if this info will help, but I remember the setting being very stark and the light was usually very diffused When they were outdoors and very dark when they were on the train. When they weren't traveling by train they were trying to keep from getting caught. It wasn't a movie full of much dialogue. I will try to remember more and post it later.
  4. You may see a blob in the soup that's in a movie though... In the form of some Pokemon character...
  5. Hmmm... maybe I will post threads on those too, then... muahahaa. That is, if I can get the details I do remember all straightened out.
  6. I can't say that I mix movies much... My memory is sadly too keen when it comes to trivial things, so that's why this movie thing is driving me batty and there are two other movies that I thought of the other day that I can't remember the names of, but I will spare this forum of another thread to search them out.
  7. Haha... I definitely would remember if Elizabeth Montgomery was in the movie. My luck would be that it is one of those rare movies that gets aired every few decades and no one else has seen it. So frustrating. If only I had $100...
  8. I am starting to wonder if I dreamt the movie up because I have seen Heaven with a Barbed Wire fence and while the subject matter is very similar, the plot of the unknown movie was much simpler, as were the types of clothes worn. That is pretty cool to just stumble upon that! Maybe some day I will just stumble upon the movie I am trying to remember, that is, if the movie even exists. You guys are awesome for trying to dig up this movie, but I won't feel bad if you decide to give up the search.
  9. Part of me is wondering if the film itself was foreign, but it also just might be that the actors had accents. I got all hopeful last night in my search thinking that a 1959 Russian film titled Ballad of a Soldier, but the movie doesn't really match up either. It has the same kind of feel though, cinematography-wise. To answer your other auestion, they may have been traveling with someone else at a point in the movie... Seems vaguely familiar.
  10. Thanks, and you got it right! (of course... it was pretty easy.) You're next. :-)
  11. I am new, so I hope this kind of game hasn't been posted on here already. Object of the game: Meld two movie titles together to make a new movie title. The first person to post which two movies are being melded creates another hybrid. If you can't think of one, then just say you pass and someone else can jump in. You can also challenge someone with their answer if you know their answer is incorrect. I will make the first one easy, even though I know you are all mostly pros. To Catch a Mockingbird
  12. Why are their nails on the inside of their hands? Makes me wonder if the other side of the stuffed politicians are blank? WEird...
  13. The female lead was younger and wearing no makeup. I would say the lead actor was in his mind to late 20s and the girl was late teens.
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