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  1. I love Zabriskie Point. I was a bit indifferent when I first saw it in 1981, but watching it again a few years ago I was transfixed by it. It is stunningly beautiful and the amateurishness of the leads really works for it, in my opinion. I think the critics were stuck on it being a foreigner's take on things he didn't really have first hand knowledge of, but looking at it today, when it all seems so foreign and long ago, a foreigner's take seems appropriate. I hope they get a good copy, but the regular dvd really looks amazing. I think if you go in with moderate expectations, you might be pleasantly surprised, particularly in light of what a spectacular failure it was considered at the time. I don't know why TCM wouldn't show it. They've certainly shown much racier-- I Am Curious (Yellow) anyone?
  2. I will happily sign a petition to the opposite effect-- I think there should be more films from the sixties and seventies (even the eighties!). TCM is my favorite channel, but I the reason I love it is the films post-1960. Please give me more, not less!
  3. Yes, I have always loved William Atherton's version of "What'll I Do?," and I still listen to it frequently. I have no idea if it's true or not, but I read at one point that he was friends with Karen Black (this was a few years before Locust), and that she got him the singing gig. Gone is the romance...
  4. William A. Fraker was the nominated cinematographer. Fields was the producer.
  5. If I've seen it once, I've seen it 20 times (although not for a few years), but I swear that this is the first time I noticed that the hooker that smiles and winks at Diane is actually Diane herself (in another of her flights of fancy). I agree that it's not a film to "love," but I find it very powerful and moving, simply oozing dread and atmosphere, and it's one of my favorite films of all time. I truly believe that Diane won her Oscar as much for this as for Annie Hall. Hers is my favorite performance by an actress ever (edging the very controversial choice of Mia Farrow in The Great Gatsby).
  6. Bingo. My apologies to TCM! Somehow the Comcast feed lopped off 18 minutes of the movie in the middle (it happened so seamlessly, that you wouldn't even notice it unless you were familiar with the film). It did this on all four Tivos that were connected to Comcast. I did, however, also record it on DirecTV, and that version is complete, jockstrap, bar scenes and all. So, TCM and DirecTV are my heroes. Comcast, you suck. I've never noticed that happening before, but if it wasn't a film I'd already seen so many times, I probably wouldn't notice.
  7. I'm going to do a scene by scene analysis tomorrow and report back. I know there's a lot missing, but as I was speeding through, I also saw the nun scene and the ice skating scene, which I thought were only added for the network tv showing, but memory plays strange tricks (maybe they were there all along and just expanded for tv).
  8. Given the sex and nudity they did show, it's hard to believe it was the jockstrap that was the problem.
  9. I really don't think this is an edit; I think they may have just dropped an entire reel
  10. It was actually missing about 15 minutes. It looks like they may have just dropped a reel in the middle, including the famous Gere jockstrap scene. In fact, the movie as shown makes no sense, since they actually cut the meeting with Gere in the bar. The rest of the film wasn't edited for sex or nudity, so it may have just been a tragic mistake. I'm not sure, but it also looks like some of the extra footage that was only in the tv showing may have been included. I'll have to double check that. At any rate, boo TCM! You need to fix this and reshow it to make it up to those of us who have been waiting for this for months. Please!
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