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  1. So many great endings mentioned . . . Great Expectations (Dir. David Lean). The ending is just the cherry on top of this great film. It still tops my list of all-time favorites after decades of classic film viewing! Highly recommend. maperette
  2. Hi, It is incredible to imagine, but Bruce Bennett will be 100 on May 19th!! Dini
  3. I've seen this a couple of times, so it should come around at some time. Keep watching for it. maperette
  4. Brief Encounter does me in every time. When hubby says, thank you for ... (no spoiler here!), my heart just aches! Such sweet simplicity. Also Dances With Wolves, for all the injustices done to Native Americans and the animals. But it goes beyond that: the stupidity of some people to believe their way is better than another's without considering otherwise. To shoot the wolf for no good reason, after Dunbar had developed a sacred trust. Why????? I just cry! maperette
  5. I agree, lorrekarloff. A classic is a classic, no matter the age of the film. The only thing I object to these days is the excess of unnecessary special effects (flying people in a drama???). What about reality? And I don't mean 'reality tv'! I appreciate a good story that is well-told, whatever the genre, whatever the era. maperette
  6. It is incredible the way decorum has declined over the years! Where are the "non-slobs"? I believe there will be a revival of a more refined way of behaving; after all, don't things go in cycles, right? We can only hope ... maperette
  7. It is the AFI film list. Sorry for the confusion. Dini
  8. Interesting to see the ages of the board members ... I'm 47 and began my love affair with classic films with one of the best -- Top Hat. That was in 1974. There was a week-long Fred & Ginger festival that I happened to catch and I've been hooked ever since. I haven't seen the older films on the big screen, but I can say that I've seen all of the Top 100 AFI films and am working on the top 250 as well. I love story-telling on film!!! Thanks for listening. Dini
  9. How about Phffft! ??? Sounds vulgar!
  10. Thank you for the info ... I think I bumped across the information on the exhibit, as well. Dini
  11. Fellow movie fans, Been trying to find out what kind of car is the vintage custom auto referred to as "Escada Viscini" (sp??). It is the vehicle up on blocks in Norma Desmond's garage when Joe Gillis pulls in with his flat tire. I've read in the imdb trivia that it was originally given to Peggy Hopkins Joyce by Walter Chrysler. Is it, indeed, a Chrysler? Or an import? If so, do you know the name?? Thanks for any info... Dini
  12. Robert Taylor, Robert Taylor, Robert Taylor! Dini
  13. From-- Scent of A Woman: Lt. Col. Slade (Al Pacino), describing his relations: He's a mechanic with the IQ of a beauty queen; she bakes cookies that taste like wing-nuts. As for their tots, they're twits! I love any witty line dripping with sarcasm (George Sanders was a master!) Dini
  14. And that Stouffer's ... LOL Anyway, from the comments the ladies made in their movies, like Stage Door, etc., they most likely lived on salad and water. In today's society ladies might be more apt to eat what they enjoy, but realize they'll have to work out harder to keep it from showing up on their figures. Then there's Jack Palance ... Dini
  15. Have faith, fellow movie fans ... TCM ran the series on the Thin Man at one time -- I've got all of them. Maybe if you send a request they'll run it again. Dini
  16. Sounds a lot like My Favorite Wife, but I don't know about the misunderstanding part at the beginning. He believes she is dead, but later she is found after having been stranded on an island. There is also a child involved, etc... Dini
  17. Joan and then Olivia. I admit seeing Olivia on the Oscars ceremony brought tears to my eyes, though. It was great to see a legend at present-day. Also Louise Ranier. They don't seem to make them like they used to. Dini
  18. A particular war plane. Maybe I'm in the clouds, but ... Dini
  19. Ditto on what is listed by littletramplover! I guess you like dry wit as well as I. Gotta be in a mood for the slapstick, though ... but sometimes it makes me laugh so hard that I cry. My favorite wit has got to be William Powell, though. He and Myrna were great at the hi-brow stuff. And neither of them were afraid to stick it to ya. Dini
  20. Wasn't Magnolia the name of a famous war plane? Dini
  21. Bette has my vote. I love Joan, but there is something unadorned about Bette that endears her to me. She's a real woman's woman. Joan stood her ground, but differently. Both talented actresses! Maperette
  22. Lionel is my favorite. I will watch anything he is in. Ethel is my next favorite. These two, with their incredibly distinctive voices, always seem to offer some point of wisdom in all they do. Steadfast characters. Maperette
  23. My other top-five film is not a tear-jerker, though. It is Great Expectations. I love this film because it taps every emotion and every style of life. It has mystery, suspense, joy, sorrow, the triumph of the underdog, true love, true goodness; it has the beautiful, the ugly, the rich, the poor, etc. I love it from the very first frame to the very last! Maperette
  24. A David Lean masterpiece! This movie peaked my interest with all the high praise it had received, so I went searching for it and, after monitoring eBay for a short while, found a pristine copy that I purchased at a reasonable price. This is now one of my top 5 favorite films. Now that I think about it, David Lean has directed two of my top five ... I cry every time I watch it. The last few lines just do me in! Maperette
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