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  1. You have a fan just for this post (especially if you're a 'miss').    


    Scarlett never loved Rhett;  even at the end when she wishes he wasn't going to leave it was only because she needed him to advance her own selfish goals.   As the saying goes: what's love have to do with it!   In the case of Scarlett nothing.    


    Maybe she loved Ashley but that was a school girl type crush which I don't define as love.      


    I do enjoy the film because it is very well produced with fine acting,  visuals,  and the civil war story.    


    Definitely a Miss. :)


    I didn’t think Scarlett loved Ashley either. I saw her so call love and pursuit of Ashley as wanting something she couldn’t have. I imagine if she had won Ashley’s heart she would’ve grown bored with him or unfortunately cause his death as she did with one of her other husbands

  2. I especially love that romantic climax where Rhett says he doesn't give a dam (sic) and walks out on her. If that isn't love then , what is ?  :P


    I think that was my favorite scene. Scarlett drove me nuts. She’s too high maintenance for me to like. LOL! Before I saw GWTW, I was told it was an epic love story between Scarlett and Rhett with the Civil War as a backdrop. While I like the movie and found it very visually stunning, I didn’t see an epic love story. I did see what you don’t do to someone you supposedly love.

  3. Okay 2016, you can stop now. So sad Gene Wilder is gone but he’s no longer suffering. R.I.P.


    The first movie I saw of Gene Wilder was Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I saw the movie with my Dad. He teased me a bit for crying at the end but I couldn’t help it. I was so happy for Charlie and he and his family were going to live a better life.


    Gene Wilder’s “You lose” rant is still one of the funniest rants I’ve seen.


    My Dad introduced me to Blazing Saddles and I was crying for a different reason. Lol. This year was the first time I saw Young Frankenstein. They really don’t make movies or have talents like that anymore.

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  4. I think it’s a disservice to not show these films. Surely people know movies of a certain time were racially offensive and sexist. If you’re watching TCM, you should expect to see those type of films I think with or without forewarning of a host. If local channels forewarn the audience saying the thoughts and opinions of the following program do not reflect the people of this station, why can’t TCM do the same for these controversial movies?


    For me, these controversial movies are a reflection of how things were in the time it was filmed. It can be sad and very cringe worthy but the positive spin shows how far we’ve come. If you have a good sense of humor, you can laugh at the ignorance. I have several times. I’ve never understood the need to vow to not watch the channel anymore because of a controversial film. You can’t please everyone. While some are offended by racist and sexist content in movies, others can be offended by extreme cursing and violence, bodily humor or an actor. Recently TCM premiered “Let’s Do It Again” starring Bill Cosby and Sidney Poitier. I think we all know why the movie premiered at 4am.


    I agree TCM should air these movies with a warning if need be but show it.


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  5. The queen of the age-difference romance movies, at least early in her career, was, of course, Audrey Hepburn:


    Roman Holiday - Gregory Peck 37, Audrey 24 (13 years)

    Sabrina - Humphrey Bogart 55, Audrey 25 (30 years)

    War and Peace - Henry Fonda 51, Audrey 27 (24 years)

    Funny Face - Fred Astaire 58, Audrey 28 (30 years)

    Love in the Afternoon - Gary Cooper 56, Audrey 28 (28 years)

    Charade - Cary Grant 59, Audrey 34 (25 years)


    And if you want to call My Fair Lady a romance (all Eliza seems to want out of life is to dance with Professor Higgins and bring him his slippers), then we have Rex Harrison 56 Audrey 35 (21 years).


    At least in Charade they actually acknowledged the age difference and had Audrey Hepburn's character be the pursuer.


    Father Goose -- Cary Grant 60, Leslie Caron 33 (27 years)

  6. When is a good age to show kids classic films? Are there any particular films that would interest certain age demographics?


    I think that depends on the child and what you know they can handle. I remember being introduced to classic films through cartoons initially. I watched Disney animated films like Pinocchio, Dumbo, Cinderella and the Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and other animated shorts before watching live action Disney movies like The Shaggy Dog, The Absent Minded Professor and Swiss Family Robinson. Wizard of Oz and Thief of Bagdad starring Sabu are also good movies for kids. I think the bright colors would draw them in more than the story if they are very young. I wouldn’t make this the first movie but Old Yeller is a good movie for a child to watch. Just know what the child can handle.

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  7. I just watched Million Dollar Mermaid. Annette Kellerman was a real pioneer for women’s swimwear and the swimming sport itself. I thought it was very fitting for Esther Williams to have a day especially with the Olympics going on. Too bad WWII prevented Esther Williams from competing and winning any Olympic medals. She was a superb swimmer and diver.


    I also saw Neptune’s Daughter. I laughed at the role reversal of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” performed by Betty Garrett and Red Skeleton. Very tongue in cheek. It was nice to see Mel Blanc on screen. I only know him from his voices on Looney Tune cartoons.


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  8. SUICIDE SQUAD (2016)

    If you don't enjoy movies with a lot of action/some degree of violence, then I wouldn't recommend this movie for you. 


    That being said, I did enjoy this movie, despite "Rotten Tomatoes" and other online reviewing sites. There was a strong beginning to the film, with an equally strong middle, and a bit weaker ending. There were some parts that were really predictable, but that's to be expected with comic book inspired movies. The casting was great; each and every one of the lead actors was able to realistically portray their individual characters well. 


    I don't understand why this movie is receiving so much animosity online, and with paid reviewers. I definitely enjoyed this one more than I did "Batman vs. Superman," that's for dang sure. I am more inclined to watch Marvel movies rather than DC comics' movies, but this one pleasantly surprised me. 


    One thing I appreciated, was the fact that there didn't seem to be a ton of unnecessary CGI/special effects (*cough cough, Michael Bay) 


    I wouldn't bring kids younger than maybe 10 or 11 to go see this, but, hey, that's what the ratings are for (although some parents where I live seem to be blind to this). 


    Could the animosity be because of the criticism BvS received and the reshoots of Suicide Squad after BvS? Thanks for the review. I've been debating if I should see it or wait until cable because I was disappointed in BvS but I might bite the bullet and see it on discount day at my local theater.

  9. Just saw Ann Carver’s Profession. While the problems of Ann and Bill are still relevant today, the resolution would not work in 2016.


    You fail to mention just when this movie was made.


    Don't restrain yourself from writing the entire story out for us, however. 


    No summaries. Gotcha. I know to remember when a movie was made when watching. If I didn't, I wouldn't be able to watch or enjoy a lot of classic movies. I laugh at how some things were which is what I did as I watched this movie. In fact, it's refreshing to see because of how much progress has been made in society. :)

  10. On August 1st 1936 Adolf Hitler opened the 11th Olympics in Berlin.


    It was to be a spectacle of Aryan/ Nordic athletic superiority.


    But Hitler didn't count on one Young black American athlete named Jesse Owens.


    Hitler's presence and the adulation of the fuhrer showed the whole world how Germany felt about Adolf Hitler.


    It was truly shocking for Adolph Hitler to have a person like Jesse Owens Win 4 gold medals in track and field at the Berlin Olympics.


    Despite Hitler's already burgeoning policies of anti-semitism, the World Press saw Hitler as a positive powerful world leader who had successfully reorganized the defeated Germany and captured the world stage to Showcase Nazi Germany.


    Looking at this spectacular Extravaganza, it's hard to believe that only nine years later there would be no Nazi Germany. Hitler would be dead, leaving Europe devastated, at a loss of approximately 40 million people in the European theater-- including more than 5 million Jews who perished in Hitler's Final Solution, the Holocaust.


    I saw a documentary on PBS  "The Nazi Games Berlin 1936" Tuesday about Germany and the Olympics in 1936. I didn't know so many things that occurred in the 1936 Olympics influenced the modern day Olympics. The IOC was corrupt then as they are now. Germany was the first to have a grand Olympics which influenced future Olympics to be bigger and better than the previous one. Germany Olympics created the torch relay. Hopefully PBS will repeat the documentary especially with Rio Games starting and all the drama surrounding it.

  11. Just saw Ann Carver’s Profession. I can only chuckle at the movie’s ending. While the problems of Ann and Bill are still relevant today, the resolution would not work in 2016. Ann, a housewife is encouraged by her husband, Bill, former college football star and entry level architect, to put her law degree to use and go to work. Ann wins a big case (which was sadly a sign of the times then) and is paid $5000. Bill is happy Ann won the case but not about the $5000 payday. A year later, a fancy new house and servants thanks to Ann, Ann is still a successful lawyer and Bill is still in the same position at work. They both admitted Ann’s job and money are putting a strain on the marriage but they haven’t come to a solution to the problem. To raise his financial status, Bill quits his job and works as a nightclub singer. A nightclub singer, Carole, kisses Bill but he rejects her. Unfortunately Ann and a group of her friends sees the kiss and thinks Bill is cheating on her. Bill doesn’t explain the situation but he moves into an apartment and starts a relationship with Carole ignoring Ann’s pleas to reconcile. :o    ​ :huh:


    Bill and Carole’s relationship sour and while he’s at the club, Carole gets drunk and accidentally chokes herself. Bill is on trial for Carole’s death. Ann wants to defend Bill knowing he is innocent but he still rejects her.   :rolleyes: Ann’s boss convinces Bill to let his wife defend him. Ann wins the case by telling the jury she’s at fault for Bill being on trial. Bill worked at the club and met Carole because she drove him away with her career and money. The movie concludes with Ann giving up her career, they move into a modest house, Bill goes back to being an architect and is finally successful (probably because of the trial) and they discuss having children.


    2016 Ann would’ve divorced Bill and let him rot in jail. :lol: No way would she have begged him to take her back and give up her job.   ​

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    "Ah, I see glasshopper wise beyond her years here."


    Thank you but I have to give credit to my parents. I’m the youngest of five and the only girl so I stuck close to Mom growing up and through her that’s how I started watching classic movies and my Dad had me record a lot of movies for him when he was at work. He’d ask me about the movie or he’d want me to watch the movie again with him. Looking back, it was good bonding and I have a lot of fond memories of that. I had dropped off during high school and college. I would watch a few movies a year then but in recent years I’ve become a daily watcher and DVR is a godsend. BTW, where is that screenshot from?



    I'm not very well versed in the silent films either.  I really only watch Westerns when there is someone appearing in the film that I like (e.g. Errol Flynn).  I love musicals though.  As long as they're the musicals that feature dancing.  The all-singing ones, like South Pacific, I find very dull.  I love Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire too.  I could watch them both dance all day.  My favorite Gene Kelly musical is probably Singin' in the Rain but On the Town comes in a close second.  With Astaire, I actually haven't seen all ten of his films that he made with Ginger Rogers, but of the ones I have seen, my favorite was Top Hat.  With Astaire sans Rogers, my favorite of his films are Easter Parade and You Were Never Lovelier.  


    I would say that it is unfortunate that your brothers and friends are so narrow-minded when it comes to film.  I wouldn't let that stop you.  It's their loss that they're missing out on so many wonderful films because they lack color or aren't CGI'ed within an inch of their lives. It'll come to a point with new films where you won't even need real people.  You could create an entire film on a computer.  It's even getting to the point where they can make older actors look younger using CGI.  I'm going to pitch a fit though if they start bringing back old Hollywood stars via CGI and star them in new films.  I don't need to see a new Humphrey Bogart film, unless it happened to be a previously lost (but now found!) film that Bogart himself made.  Keep watching TCM and classic film :-) 


    Summer of Darkness was excellent.  That was such a fun series.  I'm still watching the films from that series that I recorded.  I went a little insane and recorded almost everything except for the films I had already seen and/or owned. I hope they do another series like that again. 


    Even though they don’t get it, they do respect I love these movies and don’t mock me for it. I did have friends who did but I let them go. Not because of the movies but they were always negative people. For Antman and I think the Tron remake, it made sense why they used CGI to make Michael Douglas and Beau Bridges younger. Other than that, I’m not sure if it’s a good idea. There’s already CGI concerts of dead musicians, I wouldn’t be shocked if a CGI movie of a deceased actor is released but it’ll be too creepy for me. Sadly this is something actors may have to put in their will so their family won’t use their image to make money like this after their death.

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    Silent's a hard one to get someone hooked on--Just this month I'd tried to get a family-member other to watch more silents with the "starter kit" of the 1940 sound Chaplin-narrated "The Gold Rush", the 1984 Giorgio Moroder-scored "Metropolis" (I say it's better than that dreary Ultimate restoration!), and the Carl Davis Scheherazade-scored 1924 "The Thief of Bagdad", but they were only interested in the latter.


    And it was hard for me to adjust from Kelly to Astaire, too, but they're both good in their own field--I'd recommend their teamup in Ziegfeld Follies, if the rest of the movie wasn't such a slog to get through.


    The best way to break out of Millennial Apathy is to see how many of the AFI 100 films you can at least identify, just for bragging rights.

    Or, failing that, how many you can spot from the old TCM "100 Years of Movies" short (do they still show that?).  You can tell a Millennial he should know something and he won't pay attention, but prove to him he doesn't know something, and you throw down a gauntlet.  



    One of the reasons producers remade Clash of the Titans (apart from trying to beat that unmade Brett Ratner "God of War" movie to the punch) was that an entire generation--apart from not knowing that any other Ray Harryhausen movies existed before 1981--is convinced that the original Clash was "embarrassed" that it couldn't use CGI effects yet, and "hoped we wouldn't notice" that the monsters were stop motion, because, like, everything was old-fashioned back then.


    The 1963 "Jason & the Argonauts" begs to differ on both points.



    I wondered if Kelly and Astaire made a movie together. The only time I saw dance together was for one of the That’s Entertainment movies I saw earlier this year. Last year was the last time I saw ‘100 years of Movies’. Haven’t tried the AFI film test. Will try that. Thanks.


    Didn’t know that about the recent Clash of the Titans. That’s ridiculous but it shows how out of touch Hollywood is. My brother visited me when Clash of the Titans was playing on TCM. He asked why it was on TCM because it wasn’t that old :) ​and he prefers the 1981 version and not the recent one.

  14. Watched a bit of YOURS, MINE, and OURS with LUCILLE BALL and HENRY FONDA last night.


    First saw it when I took my mom to see it 'cause my DAD wasn't interested.


    I STILL get a laugh when the part of them in the supermarket comes on, and how they pay $126.63 for FOUR "heaping" shopping carts full of groceries!


    Hell.  I can pay up to TWICE that for one HALF a cartful these days!  :D





    That scene and the narration of their morning are my favorites. Bless the real life family who actually did that. My Mom and I used to question how that family operated and how many times they went to the store a week. Wow. 

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  15. Thank you for the kind welcome everyone. :)


    I watch all genres but my weakest ones are Silent, Westerns and Musicals (unless they’re Disney animated or Bob Hope and Bing Crosby road trip movies) but I’m getting better at giving these genres a chance. I can watch Gene Kelly all day.  :D ​ I did see many Fred Astaire movies for SUTS last year and was blown away by his and Ginger Rogers’ dancing.


    You’re right my brothers and friends don’t like movies on TCM because they’re considered old, it’s in black and white, the special effects are bad or there are none at all. Sigh. :( ​ I’m glad I never looked at movies that way. I would miss out on a lot of good movies.


    August is my favorite month on TCM. I like Star of the Month and Spotlight features the most. I LOVED Summer of Darkness last year.


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  16. I never walked out of a movie but I wanted to walk out of Jingle All the Way. My oldest brother took me and my other brother thinking it would be a fun movie we would like. I couldn't drive so I was stuck. My brothers laughed so much during the movie and all I wanted to do was punch them. <_<

  17. I’m a Millennial and I love classic movies but my brothers and friends have zero interest in these movies. I can coax them into watching a few if it’s an original of a modern remake or if an older actor is in a modern movie they like. I’m not a movie aficionado. I don’t know the behind the scenes story of movies or actors so I come to the forums, the TCM website and watch the intro on TCM to learn these things. It’s very eye opening and entertaining and makes me appreciate the movie and actors more.


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