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  1. Does anyone know if these 2 were friends and/or related? I just saw an episode on Trio of Cassavetes lone 1959 TV series Johnny Stacatto & Martin Landau guested and as the two of them stood side by side in the camera they looked almost identical like one was the Italian Clone of the Jewish version!
  2. Let's take a Peter Lorre movie like "Crack-Up". Let's say I'd like to try to put it out on DVD. How do I know if its still copyright or not?
  3. Thanks for the info But I'm a little unclear There are a bunch of movies & TV shows made in the 40's, 50's, 60's being sold for $1 at Walmart, Target etc. on DVD because these are public domain films. You imply there are no public domain films. I'm confused.
  4. Can someone please spell this out for me as I am quite confused as to what constitutes a public domain movie and what doesn't because I may try to release some of these in small amounts in the future if it is a simplified process. Here's what I know and/or don't know and am totally confused so someone please clarify for me. 1. If a movie is over 50 years old does that make it automatically a public domain movie with no one holding the copyright? 2. If so, then why did I get cease and desist letter a few years ago, for trying to sell an old WC Fields Movie "The Man on The Flying Trapeze" that
  5. Hi, Can you tell me how to do that type of search in the LA Times if its for free. I have a subscription, I live in Chatsworth. Much thanks
  6. If you take Garry Merril & combine his face with Spock, that's an even closer proximity. See the movie!
  7. Having thought about it, with no disrespect to the late Mr. Pittman, if you morphed the face with the Asian guy who killed the 6 hunters in Wisconsin last month with the face of an actor nameed Whit Bissell who played a military honcho or scientist, I forget which, on the late great TV show Time Tunnel, that will give you a ballpark idea. Rent it!
  8. I said that was the look I was attracted too, when they were in their prime, not that I wanted those people, get it?
  9. I rented it when I had a trial with Blockbuster Rentals which I didn't care for. Netflix rules! Anyway, this movie surprised me as I thought it was really good (in spite of getting bad reviews on IMDB). The two leads playing the high school kids look like they're over 30! If nothing else, you should rent/buy this film, just to see Mr. Lizard man himself, Pittman, rip. He's not overweight like the two actors you mentioned- Allan Garfield was in the great "Cry Uncle"- he shortened his name, but as I said, he looks like the product of a human & a lizard.
  10. If there are any sexy single women under 48 near the Chatsworth area in LA who are into TCM movies and 60/70's rock and blues, maybe we should meet. I'm 51 DWM no kids, good looking though my hair in front has thinned a little, just took an early retirement from my finance job with the federal government & used to produce part-time some 60's English rock groups, moved to LA a year ago to be near my sister, etc. Physically I'm atracted to nice looking to beautiul, naturally well built women without implants but with nice legs and waistline. My ideal woman would be the young Sophia Loren, Ra
  11. I just watch this great underated grade b teen delinquent exploted 1959 film noir movie, High School Big Shot, which stared, Tom Pittman, one of the ugliest, RIP, lead actors in a movie I've ever seen. His face looks like he is the son of a lizard & a human. Anyway, I looked him up on IMDB, and apparently he was killed in his 20's soon after the movie was filmed in a car accident I think. Does anyone know more about Tom Pittman and his death? I gots to know.
  12. If anyone is interested in getting episodes from both the original Alfred Hitchcock TV Show & the 80's Hitchcock show, please let me know as I found someone who has almost all of them & will sell them by the specific episode. Unfortunately, I can't afford all this so I'm looking to go in with a few people. This would be for out private use only. My first priority to be honest is to get the 80's show first as I've seen roughly half of the original Hitchcock Show. I don't know why they aren't putting both versions of the show on cable. Same as the Untouchables. I have an excellent DVD bu
  13. Looking for "Double Confession", "Mr. District Attorney", "I'll Give a Million", "Lancer Spy", "Nancy Steele is Missing Peter Lorre rules!
  14. I live in Chatsworth too on Jordan a block up from Lassen. I don't know whether to call Time Warner or not as maybe they can't do anything with the problem. Oh, if you have HDTV I totally recommend you rent their HD DVR (similar to Tivo but it records in HD for HD broadcasts)for which they only charge $10 a month. You have to call them up and request this as they haven't publicized it yet even though HD DVR recorders as available now.
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