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  1. I'm a bit biased just because I am a big fan of Greer Garson and like all her movies, but I think The Valley of Decision and Random Harvest are both two of her best ones. Both are heartbreakingly beautiful and tender. I also love Mrs. Parkington, I actually caught it on TV (though I have seen it several times) when I was home from college. Good movie to come back to. It always seems to me such a long movie just because I guess it goes through so many different time periods. There is one scene that gets me everytime (warning if you haven't seen the movie), it's not really an important scene, but when they host a huge party on the night of the snowstorm...Walter Pidgeon's reaction to that and Greer Garson's faces are magnificent. The pain evdient always gets to me.

  2. It is interesting though, because Deborah Kerr and Cary Grant were in 2 other movies together - Dream Wife and The Grass is Greener. I don't remember if they kiss in The Grass is Greener, but they do in Dream Wife. And you see it, so....I thought they did kiss in An Affair to Remember, like on the boat...but that one was quick I guess.

  3. Back to the Joan Fontaine as star of the month....(which I am loving since she is one of my favorites...)

    someone mentioned having seen Something to Live For. Whoever has seen this, can they tell me where they saw it? You usually hear of her films that are very rare, such as The Constant Nymph, The Affairs of Susan, This Above All, etc. but this one I rarely rarely hear of. I acutally forgot about it until someone mentioned it. This one, along with From This Day Forward, I would really like to see. If anyone has seen these two, can you give me some more info on them? Thanks!

  4. Joan Fontaine is one of my absolute favorites, and I am really excited to see her early B's movies. I realize that they did leave a lot out, but, as you said, they don't have rights to a lot of the films she made in the mid to late 40s. I have wanted to see her early B films for a while, though, and I like how they are showing pretty much all of them. I would love to see Kiss the Blood Off My Hands, just because that title is so.....grabbing I guess you could say. It would be nice to play the other ones on TCM; I especially liked The Constant Nymph and The Affairs of Susan...I'm fine with it though because I've seen all the other ones you've listed (with the exception of Ivy).

  5. I too like Gregory Peck - my favorite role of his is The Valley of Decision, rather early in his career. I also loved him in Spellbound.

    I don't have an awesome story like vecchiolarry does, but I did see him in California, about 2 years before he passed away. He was in a car by his home and he waved to us. I thought that was a nice gesture. From interviews and stories I have heard about him, he seemed to be a very nice man.

  6. When I tried to log in with this new format and all, it said that my e-mail address was not on record. I tried a few times, and it was the right email address. I looked at my user profile (kimbo3200) and sure enough, my email address was right there. I tried a few more times, certain it was right, and it kept saying that the email address was not registered. So I tried to register again...using the same email address, and it worked - but now I have a brand new name and start from scratch. I don't really want to do this...how do I undo this? How do I get rid of my account - kimbo32? I want my old account back....

  7. Mine says that my email address was not found....and when I pulled up my account (kimbo3200), my email address was there, the same exact one I was trying to login with. I had to create a new name, with the EXACT same email address and it worked...but I would really like to keep my last one...

  8. I love Ginger Rogers in films other than musicals (although I love her in musicals as well). She has just always been appealing to me in non-musical roles, especially comedy. I loved her in Romance in Manhattan (which I really really want TCM to show again!!). She was also great with Cary Grant in Monkey Business, where both she and Grant acted like teenagers. I also really enjoyed Vivacious Lady with Jimmy Stewart and Star of Midnight with William Powell.

  9. I too thought she was pretty in this movie. I saw this movie a few years ago, and I don't remember that much from it - I need to see it again. I do remember liking it though; I partically like earlier Katharine Hepburn movies such as this and A Woman Rebels. They show another side of her that usually does not appear in her other films. Sorry I couldn't help with your confusion. I seem to remember that I was a little confused about this movie as well!

  10. I don't know about anyone else, but I am excited for Irene Dunne's day tomorrow in the Summer Under the Stars festival. My VCR will be taping basically the first half of the day tomorrow! They are showing about 6 or 7 of her pre-Codes (including an early version of The Age of Innocence, which I have wanted to see for years!) I can't wait to see more of her pre-Code films - it's always fun to see her in those kinds of films. She usually played more proper women in movies of the late 30's and 40's, so it is neat to see her in these more daring films.

  11. Hi Mongo...I was reading Donna Reed's profile yesterday on the TCM website, and it mentioned a film that she made in 1974 called Yellow-Headed Summer. It was never released. I checked imdb.com and it only listed Donna Reed and Walter Pidgeon. There was no director, no comments, nothing. Not even character names. Do you have any info on this? They are two of my favorite stars. Thanks!

  12. I like how they have a variety of stars...some very very well known (Cary Grant, Bogart, Hepburn, etc.) and then some that we don't hear enough of (Constance Bennett, Basil Rathbone, etc.) For instance, I LOVED the lineup of Donna Reed's early films. She is one of my favorites, and you got to see her in something other than what most people remember her for: her TV show. And I really loved the early Joel McCrea films, especially those with Constance Bennett (and I look forward to her day as well). I think they were a great pair. All in all, though, I am happy with the selection of stars for this lineup. I think Summer Under the Stars is a good idea, and I love the website as well.

    (PS - to classicmoviesdear - I agree with you on Angela Lansbury - they definitely should have her because a lot of people only remember her from Murder She Wrote!)

  13. Thanks Mongo.

    The more I think about it, the more sense your answer makes, haha. There were big pictures above the billboard of scenes from Gone with the Wind, Casablanca, and Rain Main. I have been to New York City a few times between February and now, and I thought I would have noticed that before...guess I didn't. I thought it was pretty cool though to have a billboard right there in Times Square. I was with my friends there and I was so excited when I saw it.

  14. There is a big TCM billboard in Times Square, above the Hilton hotel, that simply says February 1 - March 8 (I believe this is the date). It has the logo and underneath it says Turner Classic Movies, then it has the dates. Does anyone know what this is for/means? I don't know how long the billboard has been up (I do not live there, but I visit often) but I don't think it is left over from this year. Then again, it could be...Does anyone know what this is for?

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