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  1. Dorothy McGuire definitely deserves it! The only movies of hers that I have seen on TCM are The Spiral Staircase (which I think is one of Robert Osborne's favorites) and The Enchanted Cottage. I know that A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is on FMC. Same thing with Gentlemen's Agreement and Three Coins in the Fountain (not sure of that title). I wonder what titles of hers they have in the TCM library.
  2. I think Grace Kelly and Deborah Kerr were really beautiful. I also agree with Rhonda Fleming, although I've only seen her in films from the 40's, but she was very beautiful in those films.
  3. I just wanted to say that I love the cover of the August issue of Now Playing for the Summer under the Stars festival. This is the first year I am getting the Now Playing Guide, so I don't know if they do what they did for August every year, but I really like it! I think the cover looks so cool, and I like how it folds out and has a little blurb for each of the stars for every day in August. I was very impressed when I received it in the mail.
  4. Oh, I definitely agree with The Enchanted Cottage! That movie was so adorable. Random Harvest is also a great love story as well; I had forgotten about that one.
  5. I've always thought that Ann Rutherford was one of the most beautiful people ever, especially when she was a little more grown up in the mid-40's. She was just as beautiful in her teens as Andy Hardy's girlfriend and in Gone with the Wind.
  6. Good question...I bet there will be A LOT of different responses. This is actually hard. Personally, I like History is Made at Night with Charles Boyer and Jean Arthur. But, (and these two may count as kinda love stories) I also really liked Tea and Sympathy with Deborah Kerr and John Kerr and The Constant Nymph with Charles Boyer (again) and Joan Fontaine. Those last two movies deal with a older person (Deborah Kerr in the first one, Boyer in the second one) and a younger person (John Kerr in the first, Fontaine disguised as younger in the second). Nothing ever happens, but I thought they wer
  7. Hi. I tried looking, but didn't come up with much. On imdb.com (internet movie database) under publicity for Greta Garbo, it lists some magazine articles (certainly not all) that are on her. There was on in Vanity Fair, but it was about 10 years after in death, in April 2000. It was called "The Garbo Next Door" so it sounds like the author might have known her. It was a few pages long. I couldn't actually find that article, as it is hard to find back issues of magazines (at least I don't know how). I am able to access back issues of Vanity Fair, but only from 2003-onward, so...that's all I cou
  8. Whoops. I meant to say that there was another thread on the same subject...my original sentence didn't make too much sense...
  9. Hi. I've seen that movie, and I am not sure. It's been about a year since I've seen it, but I don't think it is from that movie. There was another thread on these forums from not too long ago. It's under the Information Please section and it's titled: At Beginning of TCM movies... It should be on the 4th page. I don't know if that is the exact part you are looking for, but it gives more info.
  10. Wow, I was going to start a thread on this before I saw this one... I saw The Story of Temple Drake today and I do agree. Then again, I was probably expecting a little more due to all the hype that surrounds the movie. Still, I thought it was worth it to see it. I was surprised at the print. I thought it was pretty good - better than Jekyll and Hyde. There was one instance where the film went black - like something was wrong with the reel - but that only lasted a few seconds. I was also surprised at the audience attendance. For the first film (Jekyll and Hyde), the theater was only about 1/3
  11. I agree with many who have already given their lists. Here's mine: 1. Montgomery Clift 2. Paul Newman (younger days) 3. Robert Montgomery 4. Lew Ayres (before the mustache) 6. Cary Grant 7. Sterling Hayden
  12. How funny...someone else just asked about Bedtime Story with Brando and Niven. I didn't see it in TCM's library, but it's available on video, albeit about $30.
  13. Hi! I tried to search the TCM library for it, and the title didn't come up. It is available on video, but it looks to be about $30. (that's on amazon.com)
  14. I'd have to agree with some people in saying Charles Laughton, but then again, he was older in the late 30's and 40's, so.... For women, I'd have to go with Bette Davis. I have to admit that I have not seen all of her films, but to me, she never really seemed sexy (nor was she usually supposed to).
  15. Thanks moviejoe for Ann Rutherford's address. She is one of my favorites and I have wanted to know her address for a while.
  16. This movie sounds really cute. I just checked the TCM library, but unfortunately it does not list it. Where did you guys see it?
  17. It's so interesting to see everyone's favorite movies. There are a lot of ones that I wouldn't think a lot of people would know about, like The Decalogue (keithfromkc) - good series. I was surprised to see a lot of people liked Random Harvest. I love that movie too, and I never thought many people knew about it! Ok, I'll stop and list my top 10...or so: (in no particular order) The Innocents ('61) The Thin Man ('34) The Quiet Man ('52) Nights of Cabiria ('57 Italy) Smiles of a Summer Night ('55 Sweden) Christmas in Connecticut ('45) One for the Book ('47) I See a Dark Stranger (
  18. Did anyone catch this Ingrid Bergman movie last night? It's Italian, and before I saw it, I was pretty sure it would be in Italian, especially since many of the actors are Italian, as well as the director, Roberto Rosellini. I was quite surprised when I watched it to see that it was dubbed (or at least I am pretty sure it is). At first, I thought Ingrid's lines were dubbed, then I thought I saw her mouth going along with the English words. There were other characters, however, that obviously (I am pretty sure at least) have been dubbed, such as Gulietta Masina's character. Am I just seeing thi
  19. Such a wonderful film...I can't wait to see it again on TCM! I remember renting it from the library and I couldn't renew it because someone else was waiting for it! It's a B-movie, but definitely a gem. I would really like to hear that commentary by Gloria Stuart on the DVD.
  20. Wow, thanks for that. I never knew it was from an actual movie.
  21. Thanks therealfuster for the schedule! I can't wait for The Strange Love Of Martha Ivers, a movie I have wanted to see for a while. I really enjoy Barbara Stanwyck in film noirs. When she is bad, she is really bad. I also want to see A Woman's Secret again, and also In a Lonely Place. Undercurrent was also an interesting film noir with Katharine Hepburn, one who usually did not frequent the genre. Those look great in August. Two in July that are great examples, not only of film noir but of B-films, are Detour and The Hitch-hiker. Both are speedy films with good performances and a real B-movie
  22. Wow, The Devil is Driving looks like a great pre-code movie! I'm a little disappointed I didn't hear of that one earlier! I just looked at imdb.com to see if it was available or anything and it doesn't even have a rating, which leads me to believe that it is quite rare. The Film Forum does an excellent job with bringing many of these rare gems to the big screen again.
  23. Hi! The Pajama Game is available on VHS and DVD to buy. I don't know if TCM owns it. I know TCM has Doris Day movies, but when I did a search, it wouldn't work. So...they could have it though. Hope this helps!
  24. I like the one in The Quiet Man after John Wayne kisses Maureen O'Hara for the first time. It is said that she actually broke some of her fingers from him blocking that one!
  25. Hi shainabluegirl ~ I'm pretty sure this movie is Love Crazy (1941) (one of my fave Myrna Loy movies!) This movie takes place on the eve of Powell and Loy's wedding anniversary and she thinks he is going around with an old flame (Gail Patrick) who I believe does live somewhere in the building. Their is a meddling mother in law who does almost split them up. To make Powell jealous, Loy goes out and pretends to like Jack Carson. Looking at your synopsis, this looks to be the movie!
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