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  1. I just responded to this on another thread....I think it is said they made 14 films together in 13 years - from 1934-1947 - and The Senator is Indiscreet was a cameo by Myrna Loy, but I believe it counted. I'm not sure of this number though....they are one of my favorite screen teams, and I am so happy Warner is coming out with a set of The Thin Man series - very deserving. It is great that they remembered Myrna Loy's 100th birthday and are releasing it that day. It's nice to know that these companies still remember these old stars and like to honor them (even though they would probably have r
  2. This is a hard one...I like a lot of his movies, but my two faves (and I really can't say one I like more than the other) are Jamaica Inn (1939 - his last British movie before coming to the US) and Strangers on a Train. I love the plot of Strangers on a Train, and even though the film version is quite different from the novel (like the ending), I still think Hitchcock did an excellent job with the film, it's great. Jamaica Inn is not like a normal Hitchcock film, but I still love it.I like the plot again and the fact that it is not what you would expect from him. Other great ones: Rebecca, Nor
  3. I don't know, but hopefully soon, because it is such a great movie!
  4. This is one of my favorite films, and I have found that it is not as well known as it should be - and that is why I love this thread. I agree with everyone who says that the porch scene is one of the most romantic, and at the same time, sexiest, scenes I have ever seen on film. Jean Arthur, one of my favorites, and Joel McCrea worked beautifully together. I have read a little bit of her biography, and whoever said that it did not include much about her life was right. It was still worth a look at though.
  5. I've seen My Cousin Rachel on Fox Movie Channel as well, and it is good. I don't think TCM owns it. One movie I really want to see is Romance in Manhattan. It was on a few years ago and I have been waiting to see it again. It stars Ginger Rogers and an actor from Europe - I can't remember his name off the top of my head. It takes place in Depression-era Manhattan and is such an adorable romance. The ending is great - it's hilarious and cute.
  6. This is a great movie - it's one of my favorite romances. I was also expecting a light comedy, but it was a lot more than that. Before I saw it, I heard the ending was powerful, and it DEFINITELY was...great movie though, so adorable. Jean Arthur and Charles Boyer are wonderful together...you'd never expect it.
  7. The first one (I think at least) was called Love Affair, made in 1939 with Charles Boyer and Irene Dunne. An Affair to Remember is almost the exact same - lines and everything.
  8. 2 Cary Grant ones: Bringing Up Baby Arsenic and Old Lace ~ a lot of people forget about this one
  9. Thank you so much for this schedule! I love Pre-Codes - they are amazing! I have seen a lot of these, but you listed some that I haven't seen yet. Stange Interlude, The Sign of the Cross, Three on a Match, Blondie of the Follies - all great movies. I am looking forward to The Age of Consent, The Strange Love of Molly Louvain, and the Marie Dressler ones. Thanks for reminding everyone of these gems!
  10. Where do I find the April schedule? Thanks.
  11. I agree with you on Ruth Hussey. She played smaller roles in great movies such as The Women, Another Thin Man, Susan and God, and more. Of course, she was wonderful in both The Philadelphia Story and The Uninivited. She should really be sought after for an interview.
  12. onwaikikibeach ~ I agree with you on Deborah Kerr and Maureen O'Hara. They both were fantastic, and I've probably mentioned both on this thread about 10 times, but TCM really has to get on the ball! They should seriously consider so many of the people mentioned on here! Anyway, I hear that Deborah Kerr is not doing very well - and she lives in Europe. Maureen O'Hara, as for her, I saw her in March in New York and she looked pretty good. They should get as many people as they can to do interviews because they really are fascinating!
  13. I want to see that too! I hear it's good!
  14. I loved her in Mildred Pierce. She would definitely be great on a Private Screenings session.
  15. I think the movie you're talking about is called So Proudly We Hail! I just checked, and that has both George Reeves and Claudette Colbert (the actress who played with Fred MacMurray in The Egg and I). It is also about a bunch of women, I believe they are nurses, recalling the war. You're in luck, because TCM will be airing it 3 times over the next 3 months. And if you see this soon enough, it's on tomorrow (Wed. Jan. 5). Here are the times: Jan 05, 10:00 PM Feb 16, 10:15 AM Mar 21, 01:00 AM Hope this helped!
  16. STAGE DOOR is a great movie, as path mentioned. Another favorite of mine is RACHEL AND THE STRANGER, which is airing on Jan. 6th as part of the Loretta Young birthday tribute.
  17. I guess TCM logged me in under my America Online screen name...weird, but this is kimbo3200, alias for tonight vintage40sgal.... Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2005 will be a great year for everyone at TCM and on the boards!
  18. I don't know if she was involved with the blacklist. I have heard that many places, but I do not think she was actually blacklisted. Rumors may have just been going around, like they were for many people, and that significantly halted her career. I think she was just suspected though.
  19. I was on the internet and stumbled upon a movie that is coming out featuring Marsha Hunt! She never achieved stardom in the Golden Age, but she was in several films of the 30s, 40s, and 50s, including PRIDE AND PREJUDICE (as one of the sisters), CRY HAVOC, THE VALLEY OF DECISION, and several others. I do not think she has worked in about 20 years, and her movie is called CHLOE'S PRAYER. It looks like an independent film, and I have no idea what the plot it. imdb.com lists it as being in post-production, so maybe we'll be able to find it, either in LA or New York, soon. I want to see it and he
  20. Thank you so much! That is it! I'm taking a foreign film class next semester at school, and a lot of it focuses on Bergman, so I've been trying to catch up on his films. That one was a good one. Thanks again!
  21. Hi everyone. I remember seeing this movie a while ago on TCM. It was a foreign film, I belive is was Swedish, but I can not really remember. The title, I believe, had the word Summer in it or something. It was black and white, probably made in the 50s or 60s. It was a complicated love story, with many different characters. I don't remember much else expect that near the end, two of the characters were playing Russian Roulette with a loaded gun, but nothing happened to them. (Sorry to spoil it for anyone). If anyone could help with the title, it would be great. Thanks!
  22. Orchestra Wives is available on VHS, but I'm not sure if it's on DVD yet - it should be, it is a cute movie. kaneboop ~ do check out more of Ann Rutherford's work. She is one of my favorites, even though she never got to be a big star. You'll find her as Andy Hardy's girlfriend in most of those movies. She was also great opposite Red Skelton in the "Whistling in..." movies.
  23. I love movies like IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE and MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET. The film CHRISTMAS VACATION, a more recent one, has to be the funniest movie I've ever seen. Yesterday, however, I saw CHRISTMAS IN CONNECTICUT for the first time, and I must say, that is my new favorite holiday movie. It is simply charming, and the entire cast, especially Barbara Stanwyck and Dennis Morgan, are wonderful. If you've never seen, I highly recommend it!
  24. I agree. A great film, thanks TCM for showing it.
  25. My computer is a bit slow as well and the video won't load - I voted for you anyway (based on what I heard from the others) and I can't wait to watch both videos later. Good luck!
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