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  1. What a beautiful and bizarre film! I am grateful to TCM for airing this. Of course its take on jazz as having come primarily from Italian, German, Scottish, Irish, and Russian sources (!) is part of the oddity, but then this was the end of the 1920s: not an era known for its critical eye on American culture. I was surprised, though, at the wealth of cheesy tunes, but then I realized that Whiteman made a lot of money on cheesy tunes like Ramona and other Boles vehicles. There were no hints of his earlier successes like Cherie or Moonlight -- perhaps because they were recorded when he had a contract with Victor, and at the end of the decade, he signed on with Columbia, who helped finance the film. Within a few years, he was persona non grata with Columbia, and young people thought of Whiteman as "old people's music" as early as 1932. He tried to come back with "Paul Whiteman's Swing Wing" with a much smaller, cheaper band, but this was an admission of defeat. Truly, this movie is the absolute pinnacle of his career. And the pinnacle of Paul Whiteman's career is the summit of American music in the 1920s.
  2. I know my way around computers. I solve others' computer problems at work. Yet I am totally flummoxed when it comes to why TCM Watch Now works on my android device, works on my iPhone, but does not work on a Win 10, Win 7, Linux Mint 17.x, Ubuntu machine. Unless, of course, TCM, which is run by Time Warner, is as --- oh, wait, that explains everything. Don't expect a fix. They're Time Warner. They don't have to fix.
  3. I was unable to get TCM on my local cable provider (Time Warner) without paying for Standard Cable, which would have run me $80 a month. The only channel I ever watch is TCM. I looked into Sling TV and it costs me $25 a month for a bunch of stuff, but at least I can choose TCM, and now I'm happy. Why is Sling not listed as a provider? I can't watch TCM On Demand on my computer because Sling is not listed as a service provider. Wake up, TCM! Some people have found a better route to you than the standard cable package!
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