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  1. I think you're missing the point. Nobody is saying you can't prefer one performance over another, they're criticizing your reasons for doing so -- which are, admittedly, outdated and a little bit silly. You could have just said 'he's a more authoritative role in Lion, and I prefer that,' and nobody would have had reason to call you on it. Instead, what you wrote was pretty clear in its implications. And, no, I don't recall the last time I "perceived "gayness" in styles and behaviors," because... well, it's 2020, and most of society has moved past that.
  2. I should have clarified that I'm very liberal -- so my perspective has nothing to do with the so-called 'PC Lobby' (I don't actually know what that is). I just think TCM viewers are, as you say, highly-educated and intelligent enough to understand that the attitudes in these movies are largely unacceptable in modern-day society. I totally understand where TopBilled and others are coming from in suggesting it should be removed, I just don't agree in this particular case. While some people definitely need to be educated on the context around racism and the offensive way non-white people wer
  3. I'm very late to this and have tried my best to read all of the comments that came before (whether I agree or not), so I apologize if I'm just repeating stuff, but I come with a slightly different perspective than most of you. Also this is a stupidly long post, I'm so sorry. I'm a born-and-bred Brit living in the US. So my knowledge of the period portrayed in the movie is definitely less than most of you. My personal experience with GWTW is that I have tried to watch it many times, but have never seen it through to the end. While I'm always immediately horrified by the opening 'gosh, slav
  4. Stewart, perhaps, could entirely be out of context. That one is based on claims from two people who were impacted by or claimed to have experienced that behavior, so entirely possible. But on the other hand, he was on the record back in the day in interviews describing 'dusky housekeepers' and complaining that movies were catering too much to 'colored people'; and even his friend Leonard Gershe said: "I don't think there's any question that Jimmy was uncomfortable with black people." So, ultimately, I think he did harbor some racist tendencies. Which was common of the time, sadly, but disappoi
  5. I remember being very, very disappointed after reading about James Stewart's on-set racism toward Hal Williams and Woody Strode. His personal politics aside, I would have expected much better from America's 'most-decent' man. I can't say I ever particularly cared for John Wayne (Outside of maybe two movies, I always found him quite boring to watch, honestly), but his vile 'white supremacism is great' Playboy interview just gave me another reason to dislike him. To me, an actor's politics or personal life is irrelevant unless it's deliberately causing hurt or harm to others. That's wh
  6. As a born-and-bred Brit, I have no idea what sacred-cow-tipping is but for some reason, I feel it's a good description of the BBC... Anyway, I don't care if they do the gender-flip thing as long as it works for and doesn't change the fundamentals of the story (that is: as long as they spend more time dealing with aliens than forcing some other plot in there for the characters, and as long as it doesn't change an iconic character -- e.g. Bond is a woman; Dorothy is a man). I would much, much prefer they spend time creating new material designed for these actors instead of doing yet an
  7. I'm also on-board for another go-round, even if I did find the revival to be incredibly frustrating and ultimately a little disappointing (I guess I just don't much care for extended sequences of characters driving in silence). I don't see that 2020 launch date, though. Given how long it took to produce the last season, I'd be surprised if it was that quick.
  8. Especially since she had to film all of her Essential wraparounds in one day because of her schedule, instead of the typical 3/4 days of filming. The Netflix series probably took months and months and months of work, and I imagine the actual subject of that show is more significant to her. Definitely not comparable.
  9. I know a lot of people here are bored or frustrated with The Essentials, and having read your posts, I completely get why. But I also think, speaking as a millennial who is (fairly) new to classic film, The Essentials is perfect for someone like me. In fact, looking through previous lists, there are a LOT of movies that I imagine people here would say are overplayed that I haven't yet seen and I'd love for an Essentials to be able to introduce me to those films and have a discussion about why they're so important or significant. So I understand why people are so 'ugh' about this still bei
  10. I'm also not a fan of Moore's Bond. I like a sense of humor, but those movies test my tolerance quite a bit. Especially once you get to the whole 'Bond goes to space' thing. I also don't mind Brosnan, and think he could have been a terrific 007 if he had better scripts to work with. The Brosnan era is sadly like a masterclass in how NOT to do Bond.
  11. I remember seeing the remake first, and being downright terrified by the sight of the pod shells and just the whole final scene. But I agree, both are as good as one another. I remember having to watch the original movie multiple times to analyse the story in my film class. Despite the production code stuff, I still had nightmares about pod people for at least a week.
  12. I'm 90% sure that people outside of the industry were aware of the feud long before Baby Jane and I'd assume that word got out because of two things. 1) People outside of Hollywood probably heard about the slowly-building rivalry through the gossip columns of Hedda Hopper and Louella Parsons, leading all the way up to production on Baby Jane. 2) People that worked on the movie talked about the experience, so it got spread around Hollywood and people within the movie industry. With the influence Hopper and Parsons had in their columns for so long, I think it's hard to ignore their sure
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