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  1. Yes, that's how my screen looks too. And in normal viewing mode the titles cut off, but when I keep the program running but check the menu (like to see what's playing on other channels), the image goes to a small thumbnail -- and while it's not practical to watch a show like that, I now *can* see the subtitles are being fully broadcast. It was a goofy off-chance idea about the TV case/molding. Actually it's WORSE on my other two sets.
  2. I'll need to look into changing the source settings, but I'm on satellite (DirectTV), so may not work the same as your cable box. HOWEVER (!) I noticed something interesting ==> when I kept the film running but ran some menu items, the image drops to a very small unviewable screen, and I could tell the missing the edges ARE there in the broadcast. The missing subtitles are very close to the edge of the image .. but then when you actually view the film they're cut off. Now I'm wondering if it's my brand of TV. Maybe the molding surrounding the flat screen is clipping off a little image. I'll check later to see if better luck with one of other TVs. Btw, the same problem occurred today with another Bardot fickl: THE NIGHT HEAVEN FELL.
  3. Thanks again. I re-posted the issue alert there. It's weird how I was viewing only a partial list of msg boards. None of these other subforums were displaying: the Film Festival, Cruise, Kyle in Hollywood, Genres, and Technical Issues (!) eh, I'll get the hang of it someday.
  4. Re: SUBTITLES SOMETIMES GET CUT OFF FROM THE BOTTOM EDGE -- for example: TCM will air AND GOD CREATED WOMAN today (8-23-16, 6:15pm Eastern), & while the print may appear fine, the formatting of the broadcast somehow cuts off the lower edge of the image and renders unreadable any subtitles of greater than 1 line. I personally witnessed the issue with the Mar 2016 airing. (And no, it wasn't simply that my TV was set on the wrong screen ratio. No possible choice of screen settings recovered the missing edge. The image simply didn't broadcast fully) ... Evidently TCM didn't see this same complaint by past TCM reviewers: http://www.tcm.com/tcmdb/title/67302/And-God-Created-Woman/user-reviews.html (Perhaps the broadcast slightly enlarges the image, but somehow the lower edge is cropped off.) And it's happened with other films, like PEPPERMINT FRAPPE starring Geraldine Chaplin... I sent an email yesterday about this but perhaps this forum will get quicker attention. (Sure would be nice to see the Bardot movie this time.)
  5. Thanks. Do you mean the message board forum called STICKIES (HELPFUL TCM INFO)? I see another one called INFORMATION PLEASE but assume that's for trivia questions. Or by "bottom of the main page" do you mean something outside of the message board section and back to the main TCM site? I did send an email from the main site but didn't hear back. (Sorry for the newbie questions)
  6. Looking forward to tomorrow's BARDOT day (August 23). Re: AND GOD CREATED WOMAN -- I hope the aspect ratio is preserved so that the subtitles aren't cropped off this time. Anyone notice on previous airings that the bottom of the screen was cut off and obliterated the subtitles? Previous broadcasts have had this issue and the USER COMMENTS complained, but evidently TCM didn't see their posts: http://www.tcm.com/tcmdb/title/67302/And-God-Created-Woman/user-reviews.html And no, it wasn't the screen settings on my TV. I tried all formats of different aspect ratios ... the broadcast simply clipped off the lower edge of the screen (my guess is their print is good and the subtitles are there, but the image is slightly magnified when broadcast and the outer edges of the print are lost. It's happened with other foreign films, like Geraldine Chaplin's PEPPERMINT FRAPPE.) This probably isn't the right forum, but any advice where to point it out?
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