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  1. 1. The music not only set the mood, but also establishes the location of the scene. The music stops abruptly when the news of avalanche approaches. 2. Caldicott and Charters serve as a Greek chorus passing onto the audience useful information. They also establish their role as comic relief insuring the audience will pay attention when they are onscreen.
  2. 1. The set design is effective as the house itself becomes a prop. 2. Chaplin's comedy is based on ordinary situations and small, intricate movements. Keaton uses absurd situations with big gestures. Timing is critical to both comedians. 3. Keaton expanded the definition of a movie prop and broaden what situations could be lampooned.
  3. I think the timing of the gags are superior to what is done today. There is a patience exhibited by the director in waiting for the gag pay-off. I appreciate how the gags are simple, tasteful and can be enjoyed by all ages and other languages. Current movies seem to include tasteless gags that are in your face and not appropriate for young children.
  4. As I was watching the Buster Keaton clip, I was struck by how difficult and essential it would have been to rehearse the stunt. I could not detect any markings on the ground that would indicate the exact place for Buster Keaton to stand. He moved to his right, but it appeared to happen naturally.
  5. And I have no feeling for the antagonist until he became the victim. Then I started rooting for him to obtain his revenge.
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