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  1. Yeah, I was thinking substituting "mean"? Although it is not always manifested physically, so??? The ritual element is strong, and I'm wondering too how far back the rituals go. I can see them in professional wrestling and circus as well. Breaking down the rituals of a Popeye scene, I recall the theme music, the opening of the spinach can, the eating of the spinach, some legit slapstick, and the inevitable falling-down of whatever was punched up into the sky, which usually had been broken to pieces, and then re-assembled into something else. Gilligan's Island had some slap-happy m
  2. As another student mentioned, historical context is interesting here. I found myself wondering about the invention of the hose, for one thing. And looking into this particular film's history, I noticed that it was on the bill at the very first "film festival", for paying customers. Actually, the very first film screening with paid attendance. I also noticed that the Luminaire brothers may have been on the wrong side of history during WW2, so they were denied some honors in France. I loved the gardener's costume. That hat! That rubber-looking butcher apron! It didn't save him from the prank
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