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  1. WORK: THE FUTURE (2011) D. Miranda July Country: United States AMERICAN HONEY (2016) D. Andrea Arnold Country: United Kingdom, United States WOMEN OF RYAZAN (1927) D. Olga Preobrazhenskaya, Ivan Pravov Country: Soviet Union ARAYA (1959) D. Margot Benacerraf Country: Venezuela, France THE BEGINNING OF AN UNBEKNOWN AGE PART 2: HOMELAND OF ELECTRICITY (1967) D. Larisa Shepitko Country: Soviet Union SOMETHING DIFFERENT (1963) D. Véra Chytilová Country: Czechoslovakia NA
  2. RELIGION: HYPOCRITES (1915) D. Lois Weber Country: United States THE GIRLS (1978) D. Sumitra Peries Country: Sri Lanka KHOVANSHCHINA (1959) D. Vera Stroyeva Country: Soviet Union THE HOLY GIRL (2004) D. Lucrecia Martel Country: Argentina THE BEGINNING OF AN UNKNOWN AGE PART 2: HOMELAND OF ELECTRICITY (1967) D. Larisa Shepitko Country: Soviet Union PRIEST (1994) D. Antonia Bird Country: United Kingdom LOURDES (2009) D. Jessica Hausner Country: Austria
  3. HOME: WAYWARD GIRL (1959) D. Edith Cartmar Country: Norway THE ENCHANTED DESNA (1964) D. Yuliya Solntseva Country: Soviet Union RATCATCHER (1999) D. Lynne Ramsay Country: United Kingdom HEDI SCHNEIDER IS STUCK (2015) D. Sonja Heiss Country: Germany NIGHT GAMES (1966) D. Mai Zetterling Country: Sweden OXHIDE II (2009) D. Liu Jiayin Country: China TAILPIECE (1976) D. Margaret Tait Country: United Kingdom THE HOUSE IS BLACK (1963) D. Forough Fa
  4. SEX: PEPPERMINT SODA (1977) D. Diane Kurys Country: France INNOCENCE (2004) D. Lucile Hadzihalilovic Country: France BUT I'M A CHEERLEADER (1999) D. Jamie Babbit Country: United States MOSSANE (1996) D. Safi Faye Country: Germany, Senegal ATTENBERG (2010) D. Athina Rachel Tsangari Country: Greece DOGFIGHT (1991) D. Nancy Savoca Country: United States MR. PASCAL (1979) D. Alison de Vere Country: United Kingdom AMERICAN HONEY (2016) D. Andrea
  5. BODIES: ONE SINGS, THE OTHER DOESN'T (1977) D. Agnès Varda Country: France 15 MALAYSIA (CHOCOLATE) (2009) D. Yasmin Ahmad Country: Malaysia TOMBOY (2011) D. Céline Sciamma Country: France FISH TANK (2009) D. Andrea Arnold Country: United Kingdom THE SEALED SOIL (1977) D. Marva Nabili Country: Iran BETONIYO (2013) D. Pirjo Honkasalo Country: Finland, Sweden, Denmark BEAU TRAVAIL (1999) D. Claire Denis Country: France OLYMPIA PART TWO: FESTIVAL OF
  6. SURREALISM AND DREAMS: WAYNE'S WORLD (1992) D. Penelope Spheeris Country: United States THREE CASES OF MURDER (1955) D. Wendy Toye Country: United Kingdom 36 Chowringhee Lane (1981) D. Aparna Sen Country: India AT LAND (1944) D. Maya Deren Country: United States MESHES OF THE AFTERNOON (1943) D. Maya Deren Country: United States THE PORTRAIT OF A LADY (1996) D. Jane Campion Country: United Kingdom/United States THE GOLD DIGGERS (1983) D. Sally Potter Count
  7. The Wind Journeys (2009) Directed by Ciro Guerra
  8. Aaltra (2004) Directed by Benoît Delépine, Gustave Kervern
  9. Almost Famous (2000) Directed by Cameron Crowe
  10. Gettysburg (1993) Directed by Ron Maxwell
  11. Glory (1989) Directed by Edward Zwick
  12. Wings of Desire (1987) Directed by Wim Wenders
  13. Withnail & I (1987) Directed by Bruce Robinson
  14. Radio Days (1987) Directed by Woody Allen
  15. Hoosiers (1986) Directed by David Anspaugh
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