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  1. Glad to see "Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie" doing well! https://twitter.com/DWAnimation https://twitter.com/KevinHart4real https://twitter.com/edhelms https://t.co/s1kuIBaPuY — Captain Underpants® (@UnderpantsCapt)
  2. Another movie that I wanted to see is Captain Underpants The First Epic Movie from Dreamworks. [media=Captain Underpants] [/media]
  3. Here is the link to look up the upcoming movie based on the incident from 1967. https://qz.com/956832/detroit-the-new-film-from-zero-dark-thirty-director-kathryn-bigelow-tells-the-true-story-of-the-algiers-motel-incident/
  4. One of the films that I am looking forward to is Detroit (2017) directed by one of my favorite filmmakers Kathryn Bigelow. She is a true Hollywood Maverick in the industry defying against the big studios of our time.
  5. This list from TimeOut is pretty interesting since it ranks the films that came out from 1926 to 2014 and no other animated films that came out after 2014.


    This Saturday, Svengoolie will be presenting The Mummy's Tomb (1940) a sort of loose remake/sequel to The Mummy starring Boris Karloff. Be sure to tune in tomorrow at 10/9 central on MeTv.


    One of the movies that Svengoolie screened last year was a Steven Spielberg film that had not played on television for years, Duel (1971) starring Dennis Weaver. I haven't seen the film, but I heard it was a ratings grabber.
  8. I watched both Just a Gigolo (1931) and Waterloo Bridge (1931). I felt Just a Gigolo was a little bit too forced in terms of humor and plot, but it's a great historic film that doesn't get as much notice as any other film of that year. Waterloo Bridge was a great film to watch, I remembered watching the film Gods and Monsters (1998) with Ian McKellen as James Whale, his performance as the director shows us his painful and multi-facted nature that makes you wonder what he could have been like in real life. Waterloo Bridge is a great picture to watch, from the beautiful character studies of the main characters in the film, the attention to dialogue spoken naturally by the actors, an early appearance by Bette Davis (in her last film for Universal) and Whale's commitment to the project since he knew about the war experiences himself during the First World War.
  9. The one documentary that I wish TCM would have aired on their channel is Jodorowsky's Dune released in 2013. This eye-opening documentary talks about the greatest science fiction epic never made. The journey of the making of this film is much more fascinating than the film itself. It is a great documentary winner of the cannes film festival award for best documentary. Check out the trailer below.
  10. This Friday is the premiere of Captain Underpants The First Epic Movie based on the book series by Dav Pilkey. I read the books since they were first published, and they are so hysterical. Now that the movie is coming to theaters, I am excited about seeing it. The soundtrack is awesome too. Here is the theme song to our superhero.
  11. This week's commentaries from Trailers from Hell are the works of David Lynch.
  12. What are your thoughts on the TCM Spotlight Creature Features? Please let me know with your comments.


    If you are in for comedy and terror, then tune in this Saturday at 10/9 central for Abbott and Costello Meet the Killer, Boris Karloff from 1949, from Universal Pictures. Combining two comedic icons against the king of horror from Universal.


    On MeTv, there is a horror host from chicago, his name is Svengoolie, also known as Rich Koz. He was part of the WCIU television station in the area known as Berwyn. He first started as the Son of Svengoolie in 1979 after Joey G. Bishop retired the character in 1973. Then, after the cancellation of the Son of Svengoolie in 1986, Rich Koz kept on going with the Koz Zone from 1986 to 1995. In 1995, Koz finally attributed the title of Svengoolie. He is currently one of the last remaining horror hosts from the golden age of television to continue his stance on television. He currently screens horror movies from Universal as well as monster movies from Toho Studios. To learn more about Svengoolie, visit svengoolie.com.
  15. Again, I got this information for the film that was originally released in 1930 from imdb.com and Timeout.com.
  16. The films on this list is a recommendation for film buffs that are interested in watching films that only are shown once in the guest programmer list.
  17. The website is a must, if you are into old-fashioned trailers to contemporary trailers of the present.
  18. Last night on MeTv, Svengoolie presented the tv movie from 1972, Gargoyles. Starring Cornel Wilde, Jennifer Salt, Grayson Hall, Scott Glenn and Bernie Casey. The movie was interesting, but the plot has a few continuity errors that could have been fixed. It's the movie that won an emmy award for the late Stan Winston.
  19. If you picked the animated films from this list, which ones would you rank from 100 to 1?
  20. To answer your question, that was the year that the guest programmer series began; in the year 2005.
  21. Of the 100 animated films on this list, how many have you seen?
  22. How many films from this guest programmer list have you seen? It has to either be an estimate or an exact number.
  23. Are any of you familiar with the film The Eddie Duchin Story (1956)?
  24. Get ready for this Thursday, as TCM unveils more mayhem and destruction with the premiere of Rodan (1958), The Deadly Mantis (1957) from Universal Studios, The Black Scorpion (1957) from Warner Brothers, The Monster That Challenged the World (1957), The Giant Claw (1957) and Irwin Allen's Empire of the Ants (1977). All this and more starting Thursday May 11 at 8:00 p.m.
  25. What were the films that you saw on Thursday night for the debut of Creature Features? List the films below and you may each give your opinion of the film that you have seen on Thursday night on May 4.
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