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  1. 1. How does the spoof style of Ferrell and McKay differ from or compare to the styles of Woody Allen, Mel Brooks, or the team of ZAZ? Be specific. I think that Ferrell and McKay are closer to to ZAZ and different from Allen and Brooks. Allen's films a re closer to being farces where his like able character always seems to be in outrageous circumstances. Brooks seems to create identiable characters that are placed into the progression of a plot ... Some characters are a little unusual or stereotyped (Lily Von ****. Mongo, I-Gor, and The Inspector), but they fit the plot. Like ZAZ, the chara
  2. 1. How would you describe ZAZ's approach to film parody or film spoofs in this scene? Cite specific examples. With very few exceptions, one scene after another is a new gag with little or no set-up.everything that Neilsen does is a parody of the straight-laced detectives (especially Sgt Joe Friday). Neilsen is forever hitting other cars, garbage pails, or other obstacles. When his own car "attacks" him, he shoots and blows it up. The crime lab becomes a spoof of James Bond and Q. The gags, verbal and physical, just keep coming and coming. 2. How is ZAZ's approach to spoofing similar
  3. I am not so sure that I agree that spoofs and parodies are a thinking man's slapstick. My opinion about spoofs and parodies is that it is fairly easy to take a film done by another director and use it As the basis for a send-up. If you can find a successful, popular film like Airport, The Exorcist, Top Gun, or Halloween, it is pretty easy to turn it into a comedy. However, it does take a genius like Mel Brooks or the Zuckers & Abrams team to do a masterful job with the comedy.
  4. 1. How does this scene successfully parody the old Universal Horror films of the 1930s? Be specific. I saw so many horror films when I was growing up in the 1960s because we watched CHILLER THEATER as a family every Saturday night. Gene Wilder brings life to the intellectual scientist, the man of strong conviction that will undergo a radical change. Wilder changes the pronunciation of one of the most famous names in horror films. We have the clean lecture hall and the "wise guy" student who pushes Wilder's buttons. Rather than do a simple demonstration, he inflicts the most painful punishm
  5. 1. I am trying to keep my answer simple because I fear a book could be written. The evidence of parody is overwhelming, much of it not to be lost on this boy from New York City. The scenes with Howard Cosell and the beginning and the end are wonderful parodies of Cosell himself; the scenes are classics and well done. The entire deli scene is a parody of the old New York Jewish deli, conveniently located in the jungle, and authentic right to to the white-jacketed delivery men. When we saw this movie in the theater when I was young, my mother lost it when Allen shows shows up for dinner with th
  6. 1. I think what captured me most was that it had the look of a newsreel but actors that were more like cartoon charactatures. Tony Curtis had the good guy look of Peter Perfect or Dudley Do-Right, Peter Falk and Jack Lemmon looked like Snidley Whiplash or Dick Dastardly. The action was so reminiscent of Wile E. Coyote and The Roadrunner ... the arrow and its launcher looked like something straight from the Acme catalogue. 2. I observed that the characters were costumed and dressed as the stereotyped portrayals of good versus evil. Moreover, it all fit the definition of slapstick that we
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