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  1. 1. What elements (set design, costume, prop, camera placement, acting) make this gag effective as visual comedy? Set design, costumes, and props are the one that make this gag effective as visual comedy. They all come together to make a great show. 2. In what ways do you sense that Keaton's comedy differs from that of Charlie Chaplin? I think Keaton's comedy differs from Charlie Chaplin is more physical comedy with props. 3. When you watch a scene like this with Buster Keaton, what contributions do you sense he added to the history of slapstick comedy? I think he added his own spin on things. All the physical comedy with the props he uses seems bigger and better. The fact that he does his own stunts gives it something extra.
  2. I enjoy both Keaton and Lloyd. I never knew of these films till now and how similar they were from each other. It's funny that they used similar props but each put their own spin on it. This gives the audience something they don't realize is familiar but yet Lloyd did it a little differently then Keaton but it still grabbed the audiences attention and was still enjoyable to watch. Makes me want to go to Coney Island or some type of carnival/fair and it made me laugh so they did their job and it worked.
  3. 1. Yes I do agree with Canby that in today's visual comedies something is missing compared to silent classics. Classic are the classics and to each their own. Today's comedies are focused on more verbal then physical. I think if you combine these two elements of comedy; you will have a masterpiece. 2. This gag uses a dog as a character and a prop. Everyone knows that everyone loves dogs. So having an animal in this will extract interest and give a little more comedy to the film especially when he eats the sausage. So cute! Set design looks like its outside in the streets of an old town possibly New York City but I'm not sure. There is a food vendor standing in his little cart cooking food. The food looks real and good enough to eat. Costumes give the sense of each character and where they come from or who they are, what they do for a living, etc... Brings the characters to life. Props are simple and easy things to point out like the frying pan, food, Charlie Chaplin's hat and more. The acting between Charlie and the cook is great. I love their facial expressions. Everything and every little movement is great. 3. I think a gag like this and its brilliant on-screen execution contributes tremendously to history of slapstick comedy in so many ways. I can't say it enough that a classic is a classic and who doesn't love a classic. We take away so much from watching these films and gain a lot by incorporating them into our daily lives. I have to say thank you to all the actors, directors, producers, everyone that is involved with silent films and in all films. They entertain us, teach us, and we all have fun doing it.
  4. I love the fact that Buster Keaton did his own stunts. That's huge in the movie business now and if actors can do their own stunts that's twice as great for movie directors. I would love to do my own stunts. I love the physical part of slapstick comedy. It just adds so much more to these gags. Buster Keaton also seems like he is smart with math and science. He definitely had to calculate all that placement and steps for his gags to happen correctly. That or it was all random luck!
  5. 1. Yes I agree with Agee and Youngson's statements about silent films from 1912-1930 being constituted as "comedy's greatest era" or "golden age". I believe this because the original characters and the original films were the first actors/actresses and first films to be scene. Anyone that tries to do a remake has to live up to the people before them. That is why you hear people say the classic was better or the book was better before the movie and so on. It has to be hard making remakes of films before because your not going to get that same atmosphere and feeling as the first. Its all new and the perspective of the story is all new and its not the same. 2. I agree that in the silent film era the gags were completely visual but I don't think they have disappeared completely today. I think sound has boosted the gags over time. Sound puts an extra feeling and emphasis within the films and at moments of comedy. It draws our attention more and we are able to remember those moments more when we laugh because we remember not only what happened but the music as well. 3. I think the impact made on me is the fact that these documentaries, compilation films, and essay's teach and go more into depth with silent film. Go behind the scenes and what it takes to make these films. What makes slapstick comedy and how its impacted the world when it was first established. It's a great way to get in sites on each and everything. People will better understand and appreciate it more. At least I know this is what it has done for me.
  6. That was great. I love and adore Charlie Chaplin. I also felt like I was watching sports news but I like the feel of it. Something different and it got my attention more. Analysing these movie scenes with Charlie Chaplin really helps me understand and get into more depth with all of the actions of what slapstick consist of. I am a visual learner by far. So going over video clips is going to help me the most through this course. What other way could be better. I am looking forward to watching more and see what I learn and get out of it.
  7. First off I would like to say thank you for using a picture of Gene Wilder in the lesson when we all have just heard of his passing. He will be greatly missed. Second to answer these questions. Do you agree or disagree with these definitions?​​​​​I agree with these definitions. I am glad to have more of a clear understanding of what is slapstick and what makes up slapstick comedy. Do you have an alternate definition you would like to propose?​I do not have any alternative definitions. I am content and understanding of these definitions. Do you believe slapstick comedy has to include all five of the conditions I discuss?​​​​I don't believe slapstick comedy has to include all five of the conditions but at least 2 or 3 of the five. That way it is more noticeable that it is a slapstick comedy not just a comedy. I am greatly enjoying this class. I am getting a lot out of it and can't wait to learn more.
  8. I love how its always the simple things that make people laugh the most. Those are the ones that are golden. It can be from a facial expression to a hose being sprayed into your face. Its just brilliant and pure genius. I think everyone who was involved in this film probably thought no one is going to laugh at this but yet they still gave it a shot and it worked.
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