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  1. True Detective, seasons 1 and 2 The Passenger The Last Wave Marathon Man Picnic at Hanging Rock The Fog Eyewitness Apartment Zero Bunny Lake is Missing Taking Lives True Crime Blink Bug China Moon Bad Timing Matchpoint Laura A Stolen Life Wire in the Blood series
  2. Hello Mr. Philippe and Professor Edwards, 1. Mr. Hitchcock dealt with many limitations to his "touch" during his career. What would you consider his most unrestrained film? 2. What might Mr. Hitchcock think of contemporary film-making especially those films created in the suspense/action and romantic comedy genres? Do you think he would embrace CGI? 3. Did Mr. Hitchcock admire any other filmmakers or films in his later years? What might he think of Brian DePalma's homage of films to his legacy. 4. What were the inner motivations that led Mr. Hitchcock to explore the dar
  3. The title sequence of "Vertigo" relies heavily on the concept of the Lissajous Figure, a repetitive motion that can produce a repeating design. Lissajous figures can only vary through changing the ratio of it's curves to it's base or planes. It resembles a pendulum motion which is traditionally a motion used to induce hypnosis. The Saul Bass design coupled with the Bernard Hermann score in "Vertigo's" opening reflect this idea of a repeating motion confined to a space. The only time this shape changes is due to it's slight change in motion. Vertigo is a feeling of being disoriented yet confine
  4. Thanks to Dr. Edwards, Ball State U., TCM, Canvas, Mr. Proops, Mr. Cellini and Wes Gehring for another fine and well-coordinated on-line course. As with the Film Noir class, I learned a great deal about the surprisingly many layers of film with this slapstick course. It ended all too soon. I especially enjoyed the Lucille Ball and Marx Brothers referenced material. The comments written by the other students on the TCM message boards shared some valuable insights as well. This well-thought out concept of teaching truly makes learning fun. I am looking forward to other classes taught by these
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