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  1. Nonsense. Mel Brooks used the same props provided by Ken Strickfaden. The 1931 Frankenstein was filmed on the Universal backlot and soundstages (Stage 12 for the lab set) http://www.thestudiotour.com/movies.php?movie_id=801 and http://www.thestudiotour.com/ush/frontlot/stage12.php Young Frankenstein was filmed on the old MGM backlot while that castle set was built in 20th Century Fox's stage 5 as detailed in the production notes http://www.afi.com/members/catalog/DetailView.aspx?s=&Movie=55238 In fact, there's a plaque on Fox's Stage 5 listing the productions made there (this o
  2. 1. In what ways does this scene from Bananas operate as both slapstick comedy and as parody? I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that this scene operates as neither. I'd argue that this is more surrealist or absurdist comedy than what anything that falls within the definition we've established for slapstick. As mentioned previously the counterman doesn't bat an eye and the cantina's staff, kitchen and pantry are able to fill this order. The whole scene is underplayed and I would point out that an underplayed performance and something called "slapstick". (This shouldn't be confused w
  3. Still no email and nothing here either https://learn.canvas.net/courses/1163/pages/daily-dose-of-doozy?module_item_id=172582
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