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  1. Just in case others are interested and didn't know it. There is another "film course" being offered (starting in 2 weeks) via Canvas. It is "Westerns Part 1". (A different teacher - not Rich. I did sign up - though it's not a subject of great interest.). It's the ONLY film course being offered (bummer). I'm sooo sorry I missed Noir course. Really hoping that, Rich, maybe you can do a "pre-code movies" course or one on EARLY musical shorts (TCM has lots of Vitaphones - and - in fact is having a Vitaphone "festival" in a few weeks coordinated by my friend Ron Hutchinson of the Vitaphone Pro
  2. Hi Rich! I don't have cable (hence no TCM) and I don't do twitter. So I'm using this message board to say that I just finished the course and got 19 out of 20 on my final! I'm a "happy camper". (I didn'y know how else to reach out to you!) This was my first course like this. I'd love to see you partner with TCM on a course on either Pre-1940 film musicals (like Vitaphones - which TCM is going to celebrate for a full day on 12/5/16) or Pre-Code films (of which TCM has MANY in their catalog). I hope it won't be long before the next course! Thanks again.
  3. Rich: Honestly not sure where to post this as I don't have time to participtate in the other newsgroups. But just got this on NEWLY FOUND Marx Brothers: http://www.broadwayworld.com/article/Newly-Discovered-Marx-Bros-Footage-20160916# Steve
  4. RicH: The link to the Marx Brothers film in today'sDaily Dose of Dozie # 6 takes me to The Bank Dick with WC Fields. I think it may need to be corrected. Loving the course. Steve
  5. When I click on the link I get the secene from the Bank Dick instead of A nNight at the Opera.
  6. I'm not sure if others know about this "different side" to Lloyd's artistic activities. I found this book a few years AGO AND REALLY ENJOYED IOT. tHERE ARE PLEMTY OF "USED" COPIES ON aMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/Harold-Lloyds-Hollywood-Nudes-3-D/dp/1579126790/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1473349921&sr=1-1&keywords=Harold+Lloyd+Nudes
  7. Hi Rich: I did watch the first 6 minute video anmd loved the idea of the using the highligter (I forget what it was called). I don't havbe cable - so no TCM for me (but the course will take less time that way". Great so far I did contact my friend Ben Model (who was mentioned earlier and he will probably join the course and comment on Schools In periodically. Happy holiday weekend to those in the US where Monday is Labor Day.
  8. Sure does DR. Edwards: I noted that "Page 2" comes tomorrow (8/29). I did have another question: When the last week of the course occurs I'll be out of town for a full week. I don't have tablet or smart phone. Will there be a few weeks after course ends to "finish it and take exam"? Is there a "drop dead" date by which you must complete the course? I know the certificate will only show me I completed something, and nothing else, but I'd like to stick with it. Glad I found the course. Hoping you can do one on early sound musicals, like Vitaphones, TCM has a lot of those as well as musi
  9. So I'm new to this on line course (and I don't have cable so don't get TCM). The course started today and I read the first text page and watched the 44 second clip of the Lumiere film. All this too - maybe 4 minutes. Then it says the next section will be next week. What am I missing? Isn't there a video lecture? Sorry. I'm just a newbie. (The Noir couse sounds like fun. Too bad I missed it)
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