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  1. Going to try this again.  My ability to post comments has been pretty inconsistent.  But..... Thanks Dr. Edwards, the students, Ball State, TCM, CanvasNet for this great class.


    Really enjoyed this and have some sadness that it has come to an end.  What a great diversion from the election this has been!


    Learned a lot.  Still not a fan of "newer" films, but I did watch a couple and saw them with a different "eye" than I had before. 


    Max Linder and Jacques Tati are new favs.


    Thanks so much Dr. Edwards.


    Now, will someone please throw me a life saver!

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  2. We got the whole verbal slapstick ball of wax just in this scene from "Night at the Opera".  Love the Marx brothers!


    We have insipid verbosity, one-liners, puns, foreign accent (Chico) and so much more!


    Groucho sees himself as the "smart" one and looks askance at Chico (whose character holds his own in this scene)


    At home we say "There's no such thing as Sanity Clause" a lot.


    The scene also fits the bill for exaggeration, repetitiveness and make believe.


    Sometimes, you've seen these movies so much and could repeat whole scenes in your sleep.  But to really have to listen, as if it were new to you, allows you to hear the scene fresh and appreciate not only the gags, but the language, the presentation, and makes you wonder how long it took and what all went into creating this one very funny moment.


    Now I need a "life-saver".

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  3. Really enjoy Harold Lloyd and my 14 year old granddaughter enjoys him even more than I do.  I loved this clip.  It's just so everyday, that again, most people can identify with what the characters are doing and with some aspect of the characters themselves.


    Loved the look on the girls face when they were buying tickets.  She looked so happy and excited to be enjoying the day with her fella.


    Harold always had a gentleness to him and you could empathize with the challenges that his characters faced.  You were rooting for him to overcome adversity and get his girl!  In this case, they are just  out having fun and accidentally socking a guy in the face so his girl could win the doll was a great bit. 


    He never tried "too hard", it just seems to come to him so easily that you can forget the time and effort that went into the bits of business.  Really thought he was losing his many lunches and then saw the lung effort machine, that was nice.  Making us think one thing and then seeing something else.   A laugh of relief. 


    Guess what I'm trying to say is that with others flashes of comedic brilliance, the quiet humor of Harold Lloyd sometimes just hits the right part of the funny bone.


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  4. Okay, I don't get Miriam Hopkins.  Don't find her a particularly gifted actress, don't enjoy many of her films.  So there you have it.  Oh, and Marlon Brando I think is soooo overrated.  Thanks for letting me let my hair down!

  5. Like that it is a very simple gag.  Nothing taxing is required, you sit back and enjoy.  It is also something a lot of people can identify with.  Being squirted with a hose, or having someone kink the hose so it doesn't work and then hits you wammy, has happend to a lot of people. 


    You know it's going to happen when you see the boy stand on the hose and the gardener looking at the business end.  Wait for it, wait for it.   It's coming and the anticipation of the water doesn't lessen the fun we feel when the gardener gets its square in the face!


    I  actually thought of the boy as my son, who has had a lifelong history of playing water pranks.  So that boy to me was my son, and I'm the gardener (forgive the mustache).

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