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  1. I was just wondering if anyone noticed tonight, March 19, that TCM was not in sync? What I mean is that people were talking on screen before the sound was coming out of the television. Did anyone notice this? I'm not trying to be rude about it or anything, but it was bothering me while watching Little Women.
  2. hahah. That clue could be a lead to a million answers.. Dial M for Murder
  3. Ugh, you have got me stumped to, but the quote you gave sounded sooo familiar. Like, more than familiar.
  4. Goodnight Hollywood Boulevard by Ryan Adams. I like it too. Everytime I watch that commercial, I want to bawl.
  5. From Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer.. Myrna Loy (to Shirley Temple): "You're the first person in his class to define a triangle as two women in love with one man."
  6. Wow! I loved your movie. It's hilarious! I voted for it.
  7. Phoebe, Shop Around the Corner was the first movie I saw him in too! (We MUST have esp, or something) My favorite roles of his were probably in: Vertigo Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Another Thin Man (maybe it's The Thin Man returns! Sorry I can't remember at the moment!) Rope You Can't Take it With You
  8. Dearest ML! I hope you are feeling 100% better soon! We all miss you here on the TCM boards. I am glad to hear you are feeling better though! I hope you are on sooner than December, this boards just aren't the same with out you!
  9. no worries! I would seriously guess if I knew the film, but I don't fret!
  10. The Great Ziegfeld? Okay. This is a bit late, but I think the last movie (Night Must Fall) is a very interesting movie and I like it, but I totally forgot about it!
  11. sorry sorry sorry. I'm going on hiatus of doing these because I'm not online enough. But, ike, you are right! Congrats!
  12. I love Ann Miller. She has got to be my favorite. She brought life to the musicals she was in. She was a tap dancer, which is a great plus because I love tap dancers, in any film.
  13. I feel badly for neglecting my duty as the person in charge of the classic film questions. School, ya know? Clue #4: An essentric roommate Clue #5: The title character is a bit frumpy.
  14. haha. not quite. Wow. I am way behind in posting clues! So sorry. I'll give two clues this time. Clue #3: An employee with a daughter Clue #4: The daughter is always wanting a boyfriend who will treat her right.
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