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    Arts, Technology, Health and Fitness, Civic projects and Compassionate response, Art With Heart and ellefagandotcom. Thanks for the fun of this course..More please. elle
  1. Just a big 'Thank you' for this opportunity! The format really works for me - I was able to go at my own pace and catch up , when my life interfered with the schedule. I was able to review and perfect my grasp of the topic. I was impressed with the teachers, images and videos ... a rich and quality presentation. I was impressed with the tech....ran like a top! Will the Certificate be emailed? Thanks again....Elle Fagan, Elle Fagan Arts. ( I nearly trashed my own blog for this and it was worth it...but I WAS tweaking the format for Apple News acceptance, and I'd better resume: go clean up my mess from it and get it done :-) ) Thanks again for the fun....I think I will make a blog entry at my own domain all about this class and similar. If you like suggest links I should include. elle
  2. I want a chat buddy for this course...even skype? make it alive! my son's first degreei is in film and video and I am making my first videos for pro purposes only a few years ago, but want to do more. While I am delayed by a death in the family , though, I can at least take this course and study and prepare, so when my smile is good enough again to be in front of the camera, the content of my video will be better in many ways. Lucy's yard-wide powder puff??? :-D "primp!"
  3. Hello, Everyone! I shared this class at the social sites and am happy to be here! Find me for chat. My comment after this first class? Found the French translation of the title - if you studied french but do not use it very much, the first impression is something about a "carer-of-roses" who is "aroused" by the hose thing... grin. However, It means the Sprinkled sprinkler , according to Google translate. Is it deliberate or accidental??? the exaggerrated gestures ??? Such WERE used to communicate to the audience, even on fuzzy black and white old film, all the way to the back row. I liked the IMDb paragraph about the concept remakes - having little to do with art, but lots to do with saving money on copyright fees - back then, there were only the flimsiest of laws governing film-making so it saved cash to make one's own version of a film rather than pay for the use of the original. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0000136/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1
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