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  1. Keaton's use of mise en scene is on point which heightens the humor in all of his stunts. I especially like all of the scenes when he's in a car or on a motorcycle. This makes the scenes more dynamic and the gags even bigger. Keaton is more deadpan than Chaplin. The look on Keaton's face kills me every time I watch his films. His humor and reactions to event reminds me of myself so I might have to say I prefer him to Chaplin even though Chaplin is absolutely brillian. I think Keaton added more elaborate stunts to the silent film era. Seems like many stunts have several didn't steps
  2. Ive several of Harold Lloyds films and a common theme in most of Lloyd's movies is that his comedies almost always involve some sort of romance. Romance is often either missing or downplayed in Chaplin's and Keaton's movies. As well as the slapstick bits here, you see little scene after scene at Coney Island that always include his girl and it is obvious how they feel about each other as they play, eat and share things together on this outing. I doubt Lloyd invented the romantic comedy but his movies seem closer in plot and spirit to a modern romantic comedy. 2. I'm not sure Lloyd is more r
  3. This is a great comedy, and a bit different from some of the other lumiere films I've seen. Their folks were more like brief documentaries. This film is is much more entertaining with a plot and contrasting characters.
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